If you’ve already fallen of the resolution bandwagon

Anyone else bombarded with everyone’s new year’s resolutions last weekend?
My news feed was filled with images of gyms, green drinks and notebooks.
I’m not knocking them.
Good for them.
More power to ya.
I’ve always had issues with new year’s resolutions.
And by issues, I mean I always ended up feeling like I was setting myself up for failures.
I remember when I was 12 years old and I wanted to read the entire Bible through in a year.
I had my little book of passages to read, little boxes to check…
and I made it to Numbers.
I think.
Maybe it was a little further.
But either way, I felt like such a failure after that.
I have since read through the Bible in a year on more than one occasion, but I remember all the way back then feeling like I had really failed.

I am ALL FOR setting goals.
I think it is such a vital part of our lives.
What I am finding is the bigger struggle for me, is having to start the goals and finish the goals when everyone else in the world is not only starting them but also showcasing that they are.
Accountability that is real, with real people, is good and healthy.
Accountability that is based on the images I see on my news feed is not good or healthy.
A lot of times, they are not real.
And other times, they start to make me feel like the goals that person made should be goals that I should make.
And either way, I should be setting goals based on what I feel God wants me to do.
Based on my personality, where I live, what my life looks like and what his plan is for me.

So I didn’t want to make a goal that would have to start January 1st and last all the way to December 31st.
I wanted to make some short term goals.
Like a week here or there, or a month here or there.
So I told myself that on January 1st I would not have any sugar for the entire month.
Not a huge deal. I’ve gone longer without sugar before.
But then yesterday happened.
And I found myself sitting on the couch, in my robe, eating straight out of a container of chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

The reality is this:
Life is made up of daily choices.
Isn’t that Biblical?
Why do you think God stresses in Lamentations the importance that His mercies are new…not every year.
But every MORNING!
Do you think maybe he knew that down the road of time, I would be waking up at 5:45 when it was still pitch black outside?
Do you think maybe he knew that it would be a chilly 58 degrees in my library when I went downstairs?
And do you think he knew that my foster son would give me a hard time that morning because he didn’t like the pants I had picked out for him?
I think yes.
And I think he knew that he would have to be presenting me with a brand new, pretty little package of mercies every. single. morning.

And that’s the kind of faithful God he is.
The kind of God that forgives immediately.
The kind of God that gives second chances. And third. And fourth.
The kind of God that loves to see me succeed.
The kind of God that knows I will fall, but promises to be right there to offer his hand and pick me back up.

So if you have already fallen off your bandwagon?
You’ve already missed a day at the gym, or eaten food you shouldn’t have, or yelled at your kids, or skipped the prayer time you really wanted to have, or spent more time on facebook or instagram than you said you would, or a million other goals you may have set…

Don’t worry about it!
Don’t stay there, but don’t worry about it.
I mean, if you’re already eating the ice cream straight outta the carton, by all means finish it and enjoy it!
We don’t want that same temptation to be there tomorrow!
Just don’t buy more!

Get back up.
There’s nothing magical about January 1st.
Tomorrow morning is a fresh new start if you’ve blown it today.
And it’s as good a day as any to start a new goal.

Hold on to all of God’s mercies. They are just for you.
Claim them and enjoy them.

Happy 2017.



One thought on “If you’ve already fallen of the resolution bandwagon

  1. WELL SAID, Rachelle! Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder… indeed the promise of a new day and His new mercies awaiting us keeps us going 🙂


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