The most important discipline to teach your kids.

I may be one of the loudest moms at my boys soccer games.
It’s fine.
I’m owning it.
And as long as I don’t yell out “come on baby” or “that’s my little boy” while they are out there? They don’t seem to mind.
I care a lot about teaching my boys how to work hard, how to persevere and never give up.
There have been many times they had to go to soccer practice or games in the intense heat, rain and even snow!
It’s not always fun to train, but it definitely pays off!

Even though I think keeping your body healthy and exercise is really important, it is not even close to the most important discipline to teach them.
Not by a long shot.

Teaching my boys how to have a personal, daily relationship with Jesus is the most important discipline I can ever teach them. Ever.
Here’s the reason I so strongly believe that it is the most important discipline even over obeying their parents, doing well academically, and even excelling at sports:

If my kids can learn from a young age the importance of a daily, personal relationship with Jesus, HE will be the one teaching them all of the other important aspects of life.
Isn’t that what we want? We need our kids to realize their ultimate authority!
I don’t ever want my kids to obey me when I’m around, and then totally disregard everything I’ve ever taught them when I’m not around.
I don’t ever want my kids to do the right things in front of the right people and then act however they want when those people aren’t looking.

When I teach my kids that God is their ultimate authority, and that He is always watching them, that changes everything.
Literally everything.


I believe that our kids should be having personal time with God even before they can read.
God speaks to His children.
He doesn’t just speak to the adults.
And I am doing my kids a major disservice if I do not teach them how to hear His voice!

Of course, it has to start with us.
With me.
I have to be developing that relationship with Jesus every day first and then teaching it to my children.
This relationship I’m developing is not me reading a cute little devotional and then skimming over the Bible verse.
It’s talking to God.
It’s reading His Word and asking Him to speak back to me.
It’s sitting still long enough to listen.
And it’s being open to hear the change and being willing to actually change!

If you have not developed a relationship for yourself? You need to start today.
If you have not taught your children how to do the same? You need to start today.
Teach them how to set up a good place where they can read every day.
Teach them how to figure out the best time to do it that works with their schedule and their personality.
Teach them the value that developing this now will do for them in the future!

If you are looking for an easy way to dig into God’s Word, I have developed a simple devotional that does just that. It takes you through every book of the Bible and teaches you how to study scripture and apply it. (you can find more information about it here.)
It’s good for any age, and would be a great connecting point to have all of your family members doing the same devotional! You can buy it here.

If your kids are too young to read, I found this great site that has a little audio devotional and Bible passage with it.
I have our 6-year-old foster son do this while the big boys read their Bibles.
You can find it here.

No matter what devotional you decide to do, make sure that you are developing that discipline in yourself and encouraging it in your kids.

We teach them how to pick up after themselves, how to say please and thank you, how to make healthy eating choices. Let’s not forget to teach them the most important discipline!
Their relationship with God is what is going to get them through every situation in life.
Remember…obedience brings blessings!


4 thoughts on “The most important discipline to teach your kids.

  1. Thanks for this reminder. Do you set up a daily Bible study time when the whole family has their individual study? Also, can you recommend a good Bible for a 9yr old. He’s a great reader, ready for something beyond story teller bibles. Something with the actual books and verses would be good.


    1. Hello! We let our kids decide what time works best for them. One of my kids is a morning person, so he prefers to do it in the morning. It depends on each child. I do think it’s a good idea to let them choose and then help them stick to it!
      My boys both use the NLT version. It’s the actual books and verses but in a little bit of an easier to read format. Hope that helps! 🙂


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