DIY Coffee Bean Sack Kitchen Curtains

Ya know how sometimes you have things in your house that were basically a “quick fix” and three years later you realize that nothing has changed?
Welcome to my life.
I am a jerry-rigger. And I love decorating and making things, but I’m just not a perfectionist and honestly don’t have the time to make perfect, pinterest-worthy…well, anything really.
Last year, my mom and dad bought me a coffee bean sack at a this cute coffee shop in Concord. It was only 3 dollars, and even though I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, I just had to have it.
So when I saw this DIY coffee bean sack kitchen curtain post on pinterest, it called my name.
The selling point for me was – NO SEWING. All I needed was a couple wooden closet rods, closet rod holders, fabric scraps, scissors and a hot glue gun. So easy!

You can see the instructions from pinterest here.

Here is the final result.


Not bad, right? There are still some things we would like to do in the kitchen (the ceiling and the flooring) but for now, a $16 project is a good way to change things up a bit and make the kitchen look a little more bright and a little more my style.


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