Lazy Parenting

Somewhere along the way, in light of all the easily accessible parenting stories and advice available to us everywhere we turn, we have become lazy in our parenting. We read the articles filled with stories about the parent whose child kicked them and then sigh a collective sigh of relief and walk away feeling almost smug because “my child only throws punches, not kicks.”
There is almost no signs of any parents who have control over their children anymore. Go to any playground and watch how the kids respond to their parents, and listen as the parents whine and yell at their kids and wonder why they are following suit!

Where does that leave us? It leaves parents to believe that all kids go through the same stages and phases and there is just nothing we can do about it.
And if we do happen to see a parent or two whose children don’t whine and are obedient and respectful, we brush it off and console ourselves by saying that it must be nice to have such an easy child!
We don’t want to take responsibility as the parent for anything our kids are doing wrong.
Here’s the mistake in that mindset.
It makes us lazy.
I don’t think that we as parents are necessarily lazy people.
I think we are just lazy as parents.
I see so many weight loss challenges, work out challenges, and even scripture memorization challenges that people are really getting into! I see hard working parents running businesses, or working 2 jobs, or starting ministries.
But for some reason, I see very little (or none at all) challenges on parenting.
Why are we settling?
Why are we settling for our kids temper tantrums?
Why are we settling for our kids disobedience?
Why are we settling for our kids lack of respect?

We are not helpless!
The Bible is full of advice on how to raise loving, kind and obedient children.
Is it easy?
Of course not!
Is losing weight and staying in shape easy?
Of course not!

But is it worth it?

Proverbs 29:15 says that a child left to himself brings shame to his mother.
That is so totally accurate and one reason that I never used time outs or grounded my boys.
I have watched parents feel shame and embarrassment for how their children are acting, and I think a lot of that can come from leaving a child to himself.
What does that look like?
*Giving them their way because it’s easier than dealing with their reaction to not giving them their way.
*Looking the other way when they are doing something that you don’t want to correct.
*Excusing their behavior because of…being over tired, being hungry, having some kind of add, adhd,odd and any other disorder.

Lazy parenting is never worth it in the long run.

Here is my challenge to you.
Give yourself a challenge!
You do not have to settle for disobedience and disrespect.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you do!
It’s a trap!

Find yourself another mom who can keep you accountable and set up some standards for what you think God would expect of your children.
Hear that. What GOD would expect of your children. Not what your friends and other people you see are doing, but what God would expect.
And then do it!

See, what I think we forget sometimes is that we are responsible to train our kids into what they become!
We train them on how to show self-control now, so when they are older and in school, on the soccer field, in a job, in a marriage, they have already received training on how to handle challenges!
We are not benefitting our kids when we are lazy.
We just aren’t.

I have some other plans in the making on ways to help parents train their children properly because I am so passionate about it. And even though I am only one voice, I am trying to be a loud voice. A voice of encouragement, exhortation and accountability!

We need to stop being lazy and start working hard to raise our kids up to be warriors.


3 thoughts on “Lazy Parenting

  1. I am now a grandmother and I am happy to say that my daughter and son-in-law take parenting very seriously. Their church runs parenting courses and I think your parenting style is quite similar to what they are taught. My grandchildren have to obey immediately with a good attitude. However, not for a single moment could they ever doubt that Mommy and Daddy love them unconditionally.


  2. I fell into a lazy parenting position this summer. Not double checking with other parents and never, NEVER checking my baby girls phone. That was until….she got caught being deceptive. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer that she would always be caught early so I could discipline accordingly. Love your words


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