I didn’t think scoop was for me

I remember looking for a devotional since I was about 13 years old. I wanted to find something that was going to help me get into God’s Word, but that was relevant.
Like, for me. The boy-crazy-homeschooled-girly-girl-tomboy.
Not an easy task for sure.
But everything seemed to be based on kids who were in public school and it wasn’t really for me.
I also felt like when I finally did find a good devotional, I would eagerly read the words of the author and skim over the Bible part…since I was probably familiar with it anyways.
I eventually became an adult and I just kind of figured things out. I read my Bible every day, and used devotionals like Streams in the Desert or My Utmost for His Highest.

But then I had kids. And my kids became teenagers and I realized a couple things as I looked around for devotionals for them.
#1. Everything needed to be easy.
#2. Everything needed to be quick.

It was like every devotional book bragged about how quick you could be done with your time with God, and how easy it could be.
That was not what I was going for.
If the God of the Universe was willing to spend time with my kids, why would I want to encourage them to do it as quickly as possible.
Ya know, the minimum requirement?!

So I developed Scoop 66. A devotional designed to take kids, as young as 1st graders, through the Bible for themselves.
I selected Bible passages out of every book of the Bible and asked questions to get them really thinking about what God was saying to them.
I didn’t want to have my own ideas, experiences and stories in it. I wanted them to learn how to spend time with God and let God speak directly to them.
And it was designed to make them actually think! Not to see how quickly they could check off their Bible reading for the day.
My goal was to design this for kids (mine included) that would give them structure and help them develop the habit of spending time with God and listening to Him speak.


I didn’t think scoop was for me.

Then I decided to start using it for myself. As my own quiet time with God.
I could not believe how it affected me.
See, I have read the Bible through, and am extremely familiar with the Bible.
I know most of the stories, and I know how to hear God’s voice.
But what I realized was, when I started reading a passage (even one I was familiar with) and then had to pick out of it what attributes of God were being showed in it, or what I could take from those verses and apply to my day today?
Everything changed.
I started seeing things I had never seen before.
I started hearing God speak in ways I hadn’t before.
I’m not saying that there is something magical about this book, but I am just saying that what I thought my kids might fall into (reading the words of the author and skimming the Bible) I was actually falling into myself.
Now, I am not against devotional books of course.
But man.
Reading God’s Word straight up.
With no one else’s thoughts, views and opinions has made me change how I read the Bible.

Turns out, scoop really was for me. I’m a scooper. I love to scoop.

And so I am encouraging you to not only buy one for your child, but maybe buy one for yourself too.
Or maybe buy one for you even if you don’t have a child!
God’s Word is powerful.
It shines light onto our sin.
It convicts us.
It changes us.
It empowers us.
And that is exactly why the enemy tries to keep us from it!

My prayer is that every book I sell changes the life of the person using it.
I hadn’t even thought to pray that for myself, but it really has.

*You can get your copy here.


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