NH Family Photography ~ capturing your growing family

It is so amazing to get to be a family photographer. I have the privilege of watching families grow together and it is so much fun to see how everyone changes over the years!

I have known Nicole since she was little (which is why I still struggle to not call her Nikki when I am shooting! Ha! Sorry again, Nicole) and I have loved watching her grow into a beautiful woman, wife and mom.

Here is a little walk down memory lane…nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton12

nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton 13

nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton 12nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton 8nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton 7

Aren’t they the sweetest little family?!

Shooting sunset family photography in beautiful New Hampshire is my absolute favorite, so our last session was taken as the sun was setting and I was able to capture some really great shots.

(A little then and now)nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton 10

nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton3nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton2nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton1nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton-6nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton 9

nh-family-photography new-hampshire-child-photographer-seacoast-sunset-lifestyle-portraits-exeter-rye-hampton5

You can’t help but smile when you see sweet little Maddy and that adorable face!



*I am currently booking sunset family photography shoots located in Epping, Exeter and Auburn. Contact me to book your session at info@rachellechasephotography.com. I would love to help you capture images of your growing family!


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