My family dreams together

My family is a little different. The times we get the most excited and talk the fastest together is when we are dreaming. (or talking about our favorite sports teams!)

So when we first saw the potential for a youth center 7 years ago, we talked about it a lot. We went to the property. We walked around and pointed at different features that we liked, and how we would place the furniture and the games and where we would put the food. We lived it together. We watched God do miracles, and we were all a part of it. And I love that.

I believe that God places families together with a purpose. He gives spiritual gifts to all of us that are different from each other, but work well together. Both of my boys have faith as one of their spiritual gifts. I love that. Because I want to have more faith, but it is not my gift so does not come naturally to me. I am a big dreamer, but I don’t always have the faith I need.

This week, we are dreaming big together. It’s bigger than anything we’ve dreamed in the past and we are so excited. Back when I was playing softball in high school, I never wanted to be the one at the plate that went down without swinging. If I was going to strike out, I wanted to at least strike out swinging! And that’s what we are doing. We are swinging for the fences. And it’s funny too, because it seems like this is so beyond us and pretty much humanly impossible. But we are dreaming anyways. We are going to keep swinging until God tells us to stop.

I love how God has put our family together. With different gifts, different personalities, different ways about us…but all in a way that works together.

We are dreaming big.


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