If I told you my story

You just never know.
You just never know when your kind word, your smile, your thoughtful gesture will be exactly what someone needs to keep going.

See. You never know what is going on in someone else’s life.
You don’t have any idea.
Smiles can hide a lot.
Laughter can paint a deceiving picture.
It can cover fear. It can cover doubt. It can cover grief. It can cover shame.
And when you see someone’s life, don’t assume that there aren’t struggles.
Don’t assume that everything is perfect.
Because the truth is? No one’s life is perfect.
Everyone struggles.
And maybe if I told you my story…what my week looked like, what my year looked like. Maybe you would be surprised by a lot of it.
Maybe you would be surprised to hear about the fear, the doubt the grief and the shame.
Thankfully, my story is not being told by me.
A story is told by the author. And I am not the author.
The author is God. And man, can He write!

So the next time you are tempted to either spend your time judging other people without knowing their story, or judging yourself because you do know your story…
Remember who’s doing the writing.
Just sit back and read.
And maybe smile a little more at the people around you.
Speak life into people you see a little more.
Do something thoughtful even if you don’t think the person needs it.
Because maybe it’s exactly what they need.
And listen to this reminder of the truth of who is writing your story.

Happy weekend.


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