Mommy Monday ~ Does the guilt ever stop?

I’ve written about mommy guilt so many times but it always seems to resonate with so many moms when I do!

The thing with guilt is that it is mostly a secret struggle. We tend to have these thoughts come into our mind, settle in and try to make a permanent home.

I’ve talked before about the difference between guilt and conviction.
Guilt makes you feel worse and worse and worse.
Conviction? It makes you feel just bad enough that it drives you to change.
Conviction is what we need, but guilt is so many times what takes over.

I mean, does it ever stop? It seems that no matter the age or the stage, there is always something to feel guilty about!

For me, it typically starts kicking in after I put the kids to bed.
(I use that phrase loosely since I obviously don’t “put the kids to bed” anymore. But we do have devotions every night and I pray with each of them once they are in bed.)
But that’s when I start thinking back over my day.
Did I hug them enough?
Was I a little too harsh with this comment?
Was I clear enough with that comment?
Did I say I love you enough?
Did I spend too much time on my computer?
Did they even eat any vegetables today?
Why am I such a bad mom?
And on and on it can go!

My one and only point tonight is this.
Don’t let mommy guilt bully you.
It’s not from God!
If you put the kids to bed and start looking back on the day and feeling bad, stop everything.
Determine if it’s guilt or conviction.
If it’s conviction? Ask God to forgive you for where you failed and move on.
Maybe it means asking your kids for forgiveness first thing in the morning too.
Figure out where you failed and set yourself up for success for tomorrow!
Did they get no veggies all day? Cut some up tonight and have them ready for tomorrow!
Did you spend too much time on the computer? Finish your work tonight and set aside specific times to work tomorrow.
Are you comparing yourself to other moms and feeling like a failure? Take a day or two off of Instagram or Facebook!

But if it’s guilt you’re feeling? KICK IT OUT!
Don’t let it control you and don’t let it discourage you.

Don’t look back and don’t look around.
Look forward.

Hug those babies of yours.
Wake them up tomorrow by telling them how much you love them.
Choose joy.
Fill your mind with truth and not with lies.
Just enjoy where you are today without letting that guilt overtake you.
It just makes you feel horrible anyways!
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So yes. The guilt can stop!
We have the choice to stop it.
Let’s stop it now and let’s make tomorrow our best day yet.


One thought on “Mommy Monday ~ Does the guilt ever stop?

  1. This is perfect. And just what I need to hear and read. For like every day these past 3 months…I love you. Thank you for always speaking truth!!!


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