Mommy Monday ~ One thing you MUST teach your child

There are a lot of things that we should do as parents that are important.
But the more I am around teenagers (and the parents of teenagers) the more I realize that our biggest job has to go beyond protecting them.
It has to go further than teaching them life skills.
And it has to be more than training when they’re young and then crossing our fingers the older they get in hopes that they turn out ok.

The most important thing we can teach our children has to be where they find truth.
It has to be.
We are bombarded by people (sometimes “professionals”, or “experts”) who are trying to tell us that there is no truth.
Everything is based on feelings, and that is how we determine our own truth.

The problem for the Christian, is that we know something.
We know that the enemy our children face happens to be a deceiver.
The Bible refers to him as the “father of lies” and continuously warns us that he is a liar, a deceiver, a disguiser, he devours, tricks people and blinds their minds.
He is a counterfeiter.
So it is no surprise that one of the major ways he is trying to deceive our children,
is by getting them to believe that sinning does not have consequences.

That, my friends, is a lie.
And the one thing that I have been teaching my children and can not emphasize to them enough is this:

The way of the transgressor is hard.


Sometimes, we are led to believe that people who are choosing to live in sin are doing great.
Their lives are fantastic.
Never better.
They are doing life their way, looking out for themselves and they have never been happier.

The truth of God’s Word says otherwise.
If the enemy can get my kids to think that sinning, or not sinning. Serving God or not serving God…is all the same?
Then he’s won a pretty big battle.
And that is not happening with me just standing by and watching.

The truth is what God says. And if God says that the way of the transgressor is hard? Then the way of the transgressor is hard.
Sure, maybe it’s not always shown on the outside, but I will not let my kids be deceived without them knowing it.

Sin has consequences.
Your sin will always find you out.
Because God is just, He has to punish sin.
But obeying God brings blessing.

This applies to kids, teens and adults. It does not stop after you turn a certain age.
We are all susceptible to falling into the trap that makes us believe that our way is the best way.
That our sin is only affecting us.
And that we will not suffer consequences because of our bad choices.

God’s way is the best way.
My sin does affect other people.
And there will be consequences because of my bad choices.

If we can get our kids to know that like the back of their hand, we have set them up for success in a huge way.
It will help them think a little bit harder about their choices.
It will help them consider what they are doing a little bit stronger.
And it will make them work a little bit more to stay strong in their faith.
If they believe that God’s Word is Truth, they will take this little nugget and keep it in their pocket as a way to remind them that sinful choices are never worth it.
What a lot of people don’t know is that their own sin is what binds them.
Their own sin is what holds them captive.
It’s their own choices that are trapping them.

Teach your kids early that the way of the transgressor is hard.
And that making wise choices to please God with their lives will always pay off.
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