Say yes to the whipped cream

October is a crazy month for photographers. And when you add in: running a teen center, homeschooling, juggling 3 soccer teams and everything else life includes, it can get just plain exhausting.

This week was filled with 5 photoshoots and a wedding and my body is really feeling it!

In the middle of the crazy, it’s really vital that I don’t forget how short life is.
How unimportant some things are, and how really important other things are.

I have written before about how I try to say yes as much as possible to my kids.

Today, I was reminded of that in a few different ways.
I had really wanted to get a family session edited by the end of the day
(my “end” of the day is 2:15 when I have to leave for The Porch)
Then my mom stopped by to drop something off.
I asked her to stay for coffee.
I didn’t even have to think about it and it wasn’t even a hard decision. The pictures could wait.
When given the chance to have coffee with my mom, I will say yes. Always.

Later, I was at The Porch giving food to the teens, and when I went to grab a water out of the refrigerator, one of them noticed a can of whipped cream on the door.
He said – ooohhhhh! Can I have some whipped cream on my oreos?
And then another girl asked if she could have a cup full of whipped cream.
And my first reaction was like…no. Obviously no. It’s for ice cream, not just for snack. So just no.
Then I was like. Why not?
So I walked out and started squirting it into their styrofoam cups.
I can’t even explain their reactions! It was like they had just hit the jackpot!
I heard “Rachelle~ you rock!” and “seriously?!?! You’re giving us whipped cream in a cup??” and “You are the best!”

Guys. It was whipped cream. In a cup. Really not a big deal.
But these little, seemingly unimportant things are what show people you care.
And that you’re not saying no for no good reason.
And that you like to have fun.
It is showing them that they matter.
And that when they ask for something that’s not dangerous, and not going to cost much money…why not say yes?

Life is full.
It can get hectic.
Some things can seem like they really need to get done. And yes, obviously some things can’t wait.
But stopping. Stopping is so important that it can’t wait.
Putting down your phone and picking up your daughter.
Holding hands with your big boys instead of typing into your computer.
Snuggling on the couch instead of folding the laundry.
Spending time in prayer over your family instead of spending time on Facebook.
Dancing in the kitchen instead of harping on the kids to empty the dishwasher.
Saying yes to the whipped cream instead of no.

If we can’t enjoy life, what’s the point?
Did you know that the Christian life is supposed to be full of JOY?
Are you feeling joyful right now?
Did you know that you can feel tired and still feel joy?
Are you feeling defeated right now?
Did you know that that feeling is from the enemy and not from the overcomer?
Are you feeling stressed right now?
Did you know that anxious thoughts don’t actually change anything?

Stop what you are doing right now and say yes to something you would normally say no to.
Say yes to looking past the laundry.
Say yes to eating the ice cream.
Say yes to jumping on the bed… After the kids go to sleep.
Say yes to smiling.
Say yes to laughing.
Say yes, say yes, say yes.

Don’t let your life get so full of no’s that you forget how to enjoy your life.
Enjoy it.
And go get you some whipped cream for goodness sake!

boston family photographer nh photography christian parenting teenager intentional biblical doorposts

*Photo credit ABR Photography and Design


5 thoughts on “Say yes to the whipped cream

  1. Say yes to the whip cream ! This article is so on point ! This is so me and I’m sure a lot of others can relate !! This was me over the weekend with grandchildren party’s and my first photo shoot ! Love your Articles ! Thank you Rachele !


  2. this was awesome!!:) i love this!! and sooo true. was just thinking that this morning when callen asked me a few things that i was going to say no to….and then i thought why no? it would do no harm. make him happy. and be one less thing i say no to. so i said yes! so this reminder was perfect. and the whipped cream, soooo fun!!! you are the best! 🙂 xoxoxo


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