Mommy Monday ~ Missing an accident by minutes

Tonight was the kind of night that makes you think about the little things that happen that change everything.

I went to Moultonborough tonight to see AJ play his soccer game.
It’s a long drive. An hour and a half. It’s an even longer drive home after a tough loss.
Anyways. We were driving home after stopping at McDonalds and came to a total and complete standstill on I-93.
After sitting there for about 10 minutes, I turned off the car and checked online to see what was going on.
I found out that there had been a pretty serious accident.
A car had caught on fire, and a person was ejected from it.
As I was reading, I realized that the accident had happened literally minutes before we got to that spot on the highway. Minutes.
Like…the kind of minutes that come when I turn left before I meant to, so I had to turn around.
Like…the kind of minutes that come when AJ and I order ice cream cones, the man behind us orders an ice cream cone and then we watch him get his first while we have to wait for ours.
Like those kind of minutes.
The ones that seem annoying.
The ones that seem to feel like they happened because you made a mistake.
The ones that make you want to go arrrrgghhhhhh!!!!! Why is this happening?!?!

But as I was thinking about all those annoyances, I realized something.

Maybe, just maybe God knew that if I hadn’t taken the wrong turn, we would have been in that accident.
Maybe, just maybe God knew that if we had gotten our ice cream cones first, my boy would have seen someone get ejected from a car.
Maybe if I stop and realize that God is completely in control of even the annoying “mistakes” that happen throughout my day I could just enjoy where I am right now.

We stopped for a minute in the car to pray for the person in the accident, to pray for the families of the people involved and to thank God for protecting us tonight.
So maybe it was annoying that we had to add 45 minutes to our already long drive tonight, but we took it as a way to see that God is always in control. We took it as a way to get to spend a little more uninterrupted time together, and we took it as a reminder that we never know when our last day will be.
Enjoy every second with your kids.
If it takes longer because your son can’t find his shoes as you’re trying to run out the door, or if your baby decides to have a blow out just as you are putting her in her carseat… Instead of getting irritated and frustrated, thank God that He is directing your steps and He is always, always watching out for you.

And hug those kids of yours, no matter how old they are.


7 thoughts on “Mommy Monday ~ Missing an accident by minutes

  1. Yes- great stuff. We serve a great God. I was just looking at a picture of you and Grampy and appreciate afresh all the family times we have together. I love you😊


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