Mommy Monday ~ The way we are failing our kids

I think the enemy has us all kinds of confused.
We think that the way we do good by our kids is to make sure we let them play every sport, be on every club, have everything they could ever want, regardless of what it might take along with it.

See, we aren’t on alert the way we need to be.
I’m not talking hypochondriac-crazy, but just watchful. Thoughtful. Vigilant.
I mean, we are talking about the lives of our children, yes?
We are aware that the enemy hates our kids and wants to lie to them, deceive them and literally destroy their lives, yes?
If we are aware of the enemy’s goals in our kids lives, we had better be absolutely certain that we are putting our kids in the direction that God wants them.

Here’s what Ecclesiastes 12 says – Remember your creator in the days of your youth.

If we are not helping our children remember their creator while they are still young, we are failing them.

It is our job as parents to prepare our kids for whatever comes at them not only as young kids, but even as they grow into adults.

I might step on some toes here, but hear me out and know that this is what I absolutely believe to be truth.

If we are teaching our kids that sports come before time dedicated to God?
They will never have the deep, committed relationship that they need to succeed the way God intends.

If we are teaching our kids that education is more important than knowledge of the Bible?
They will never have the wisdom they need to succeed the way God intends.

If we are teaching our kids that family is more important than a relationship with God?
They will never have the closeness in those relationships that God intends.

Note that I am not saying it has to be sports or God. Education or God. Family or God.
But what I am saying, is that we need to make sure and really think through what we are conveying to our kids by the emphasis we put on one or the other.

It goes all across the board with so many different topics, but I am talking about sports in particular for a couple reasons.
#1. Sports is a big part of my family’s lives and I totally see the value of sports.
My boys are both on 2 different soccer teams and they will both play basketball. I get the positive results of sports, and I am all for it.
I am in no way bashing sports or commitment to sports teams. Not at all, and my life shows that.

#2. Sports is a god in our country. Oh yes. Yes it is.
Every week, I attend sports events with my boys and I see the HUNDREDS of parents who are flocking to these fields, even if it has taken them 2 hours to get there.
It doesn’t matter if it interferes with church. It doesn’t matter if it interferes with family. It doesn’t matter if it interferes with anything. It’s all about sports.
I don’t know if it is in part because professional athletes are treated like royalty with outrageous paychecks and fame regardless of poor behavior, but whatever it is… we are teaching our kids that sports come above everything.

Understand how I am trying to apply God’s Word to our every day lives.

Our relationship with our Creator needs to come above everything.

Everything. And it is much easier to teach it, and make it a way of life when our kids are younger than when they are older.
When your kids have to make a decision whether or not they should cheat on a test, will soccer practice come into their minds to help them make the right choice?
What about when your kids grow up and they have a boss who is unreasonable. What is going to push them to respect their authority?
What about when as an adult there are financial struggles, marriage failures, illness and death? What is going to get them through?
Is it going to be remembering that three pointer they hit at the buzzer back in their glory days?
Or will it the foundation you have taught them (and lived yourself) by being committed to your relationship with God?

Sports? yes.
Education? yes.
Family? yes.

But above God? NEVER.
God always first.
Don’t be guilty of failing your kids by showing them that any of these things come above God.
Take a stand.
But let me warn you. You are going to be fairly alone. I know literally only a handful of people who take a stand on God above everything.
But let me also encourage you.
You will not be alone.

You will never, ever regret your decision to teach your kids that they need to remember their Creator when they are young.

Is there a chance that you are failing your kids?
Maybe you think you are doing good by them by choosing sports, education or family over God.
Don’t let the enemy deceive you. Be watchful. Be thoughtful. Be vigilant.
Your kids futures depend on it.


4 thoughts on “Mommy Monday ~ The way we are failing our kids

  1. Very well put. My children are all grown up now and I am so thankful that they are all following the Lord. My younger son is particularly interested in, and good at sport. One of the reasons he doesn’t play cricket for a club is that matches are on a Sunday and he won’t be able to be so involved in church and kids ministry. I am so proud of all my children.


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