I choose prayer in school

We all know that no one can ever take prayer out of school.
Prayer is talking to God. Plain and simple.
It can be done with your eyes closed? Or it can be done with your eyes open.
It can be done out loud? Or it can be done in silence.
But while the public school has managed to portray talking to God as somehow bad, my son’s school is able to pray out loud anywhere, anytime.
And that is something that makes me so thankful.
Watching AJ’s soccer coach end each practice in prayer, and remind the boys that their ultimate goal is to bring glory to God has brought so much joy to me.
I am so thankful that AJ has the privilege of being in a school that chooses prayer.

portsmouth christian academy soccer boys prayer in school nh

portsmouth christian academy soccer boys prayer in school nh

You can have your opinions, and you can have your beliefs. And so can I.
So for me? I chose prayer in school.

ps. Thank you all for your patience as I work on changing some of the appearance of my blog in the next few weeks. I am so excited for the dreams and plans God has given me and I am thankful for all of you who have encouraged me in so many ways.


3 thoughts on “I choose prayer in school

  1. I’m with you; I choose prayer in school as well. My thankful that God has blessed us with the means to send our son to a Christian School where they have prayer, verse and bible study. California schools are the worst if you are Christian you are a bad person it would seem. Morale less children drawn to material things and taught to be disrespectful, I believe, are one of the big reason there is so much crime and violence in America today.

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  2. I totally agree. In South Africa it is still all right to pray in schools although that is changing slowly as the rest of the world sets trends. The Gideons are able to go to schools and hand out little new testaments to all the grade 8’s. There are only a couple of schools who refuse. I thank God that I live in a backward country.


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