The worst part about saying goodbye…

We try and get together with Adam’s brother and family every 6 months or so. You can see a couple of our fun adventures here and here. We always have a great time together…we have a lot in common so it’s easy to find things that all of us enjoy, and there is never a lull in any conversation!

While they were visiting this year, this picture showed up on my time hope, so even though the sun was not cooperating, I had to try and redo the same image!


We spent time at Alton Bay, enjoyed an afternoon of swimming at my brothers, did some antiquing and lots and lots of legos were played! Uncle Jim went running with AJ a couple times in preparation for his high school soccer tryouts!




The worst part about saying goodbye is saying goodbye. Having to go another 6 months before we can see each other again…face time and text messages will have to get us through! Until next time New York Chase Family! We love you!


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