Mommy Monday ~ Quick Tip

I’m tired.
It’s Monday, and I am sad to say that summer is officially over.
It’s not that I’m the type to complain about different times of year, and to be honest, fall is by far my favorite season.
With it comes football, apple pie, crisp, cool nights and the beautiful New England foliage.
It’s just that this year marks something new for us. AJ entering high school.
And not just entering high school, but actually going to high school. Not a big deal for some people, but a bigger deal for us homeschooling mommas.
Riley starts 7th grade tomorrow and that just seems so old!!
It’s weird when you enter new phases of life. It’s not bad or anything, just different. And it makes you rethink everything you’re doing and forces you to put your life into perspective.

So for tonight, I’m just giving you a quick tip, because I want to go and hang out with my family. I already mentioned it in my post “Three things to remember when raising teenage boys“, but I wanted to bring it up again.

Last week, I brought my 12-year-old Riley to soccer practice. We had already talked about his day and prayed in the car like we do for every practice, so I was expecting to just walk over, make sure the coach was there and then go back to the car and leave. As we were walking towards the field, I saw about 5 or 6 other boys from his team and I just said “Love you, Ry!” and turned to walk away. He stopped. Turned towards me, put his arms around me and kissed my cheek and said “Love you, mom!”  And I melted. Because. Sweet baby boy. My sweet baby boy, who is not embarrassed, and didn’t even think twice about showing affection to his mom in front of his teammates.

So my quick tip is this: Make affection a normal part of your family from an early age. It doesn’t matter how old our kids are, they need affection. If giving affection to your kids is normal at home, why would it not be normal in public? Don’t let stereo-types bully you around. Just because your kids are older does not mean that they are going to stop showing affection! AJ still likes to put his arm around me when we are walking, and he’s 14 (and almost a foot taller than me!) Be affectionate. Always. Not just at home, but always. Show your kids you love them by hugging them, holding their hand, and showing them that you love being with them.

And also? Take more pictures together. I keep having to post the same picture from last year because I haven’t taken any new ones! My boys look so much different now, and so do I!



3 thoughts on “Mommy Monday ~ Quick Tip

    1. As your summer is over, our winter is over. Not officially, that’s only 1 September, but blossoms are appearing, jasmine is blooming and the days are warmer. It think it is a very nice photo of you and your boys, it tells a story of family and togetherness. good luck with the high school transition.


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