Let’s start a revolution. You in?

What if your words could drastically change the life of one person?
What if your listening ear could be the only thing that gave one person hope in humanity?
What if your smile, your hug, your laugh was the one thing that stopped someone from harming themselves?

I believe that we have the power to change people’s lives.
I believe that sometimes, people just need to know that one person cares about them.
I believe this so strongly, that I have chosen to spend the last 6 years of my life doing just that.

See…I run a teen youth center in my town.


Maybe to some of you, it seems pointless.
I mean, I spend afternoons listening to teens talk about their day, their family, their school, their struggles, and their pain.
It’s not a huge organization that is getting tons of press and is certainly not getting tons of volunteers. It’s not glamorous. It’s not selfie-worthy in the eyes of most people.
Dealing with middle class, sometimes whiny teenagers is not going to be the dream volunteer job for people.
I am assuming that’s why we aren’t able to get a lot of people to help out.
I also assume that maybe people just don’t understand the impact they could have, and the investment they could be making if they decided to help.
Speaking life into even just one person is a worthy investment. Don’t you agree?
Do you know how many text messages, emails and in person conversations I have had with teenagers who were hurting and didn’t know where to turn? They were being bullied, their parents were fighting, they were cutting, they were failing a class, they were depressed. And in all of that? They wanted one person. Just one person to care about them.
That’s where I come in. And that’s where you could come in.

Your words could stop someone from cutting.
Your words could give someone the courage to get out of bed in the morning.
Your words could give someone the inspiration to pass a class.
Your words. Your time. Your love.
It doesn’t cost you anything monetarily.
It doesn’t pay either, but shouldn’t life be more about serving than sucking the life out of people?
These teens don’t talk to me about their problems because I’m so great.
They talk to me about their problems because they want someone…anyone to care!
And if I happen to be the person who is telling them that they are worth it?
It’s going to make a huge difference. And it will make a huge difference coming from you too.

I’m not trying to be obnoxious and ask for money, for volunteers, for supporters of just my particular ministry. I mean, I am asking for that..ha! BUT. I think that you should stop and think about what you are doing to invest into the lives of other people.

Is there any way that you could start volunteering at The Porch, or another similar ministry near you?
What is stopping you?
If you can’t physically volunteer during the week, are you able to support financially or volunteer for events? Can you commit to praying every day at a certain time, and then asking for updates?
Did you know that even your donation of the price of a cup of coffee a week would make a huge difference to an organization like ours, which depends entirely on the donations of people?

We are struggling. Just keeping it real.
Right now, Adam and I are the only people volunteering for our youth center, which has between 15-30 kids per day come in.
We can’t do it all. And honestly? I think that sometimes I am being such a hog! These teens are amazing, and you are missing out if you aren’t getting to know them!
I love them. I really do. And I know you would too.
So here is what we are looking for:

1.)We are looking for godly, young or old adults who are looking for a chance to impact the life of a teen forever. We need volunteers to come hang out with the kids at The Porch and be that loving voice that they need!

2.)We are looking for people who would be willing to go to our website and donate 8.00 per month (the price of a cup of coffee per week, and paypal does recurring payments so you don’t even have to think about it!) If we had 50 people donate just 2 dollars a week, that would be an extra $100 dollars per week to help keep our doors open!
That’s not so big of a sacrifice, is it?

3.)We are asking you to watch this video and share it with everyone you know.

Imagine what the world would look like if we all decided to be the one person that spoke life into another person.

Let’s start a revolution. You in?


7 thoughts on “Let’s start a revolution. You in?

  1. This is wonderful, Rachelle,
    I don’t have money to send but I can easily share this here and elsewhere…more than once.
    One thing I miss living as far away from everyone …behind closed gates on state property is not have young kids and teenagers dropping in all the time. I loved it that they felt comfortable doing that.
    Our church had a number of programs like this and my son and I enjoy volunteering there. Working there.
    So Thank you.
    I work (online) with Angel Moms and Dads. With anyone who has suffered a loss. Even pet losses at times.
    I don’t do much of it anymore…I am an angel mom myself. It was just to HARD for me after almost 5 years of daily visits….(When my health was up to it)..
    Prayers, love and support .


  2. Thant’s inspiring Rachelle. I am on another continent so I can’t volunteer or send money but I wok at a school and yes, teenagers need somebody to believe in them, to even listen to them. I am writing a short story as my assignment for the Writer’s Circle. It is based on just that theme. A boy who call himself Nothing until a girl calls him a hero and he wants to live up to her assessment of him. Keep up the good work. I said a prayer for your ministry.


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