I felt like I was the only one…

“I felt like I was the only one who wanted to learn more about God, to do the right thing, and to grow in my relationship with Him.”
This is a quote from one of the teenage girls who attended Surge this year.
This feeling, this very feeling is exactly what drove me to create a conference specifically designed for teens who felt like they were alone.
Last year we held our first Surge Conference.
This year, almost everything that could go wrong, did…and at the worst possible times.
My conference administrator told me last minute that she wasn’t able to help.
One of my workshop speakers dropped out 2 weeks before, along with my worship team and activities director.
My emotions were all over the place, and I was really struggling.
A month before the conference, we had 7 kids signed up and 2 of them were mine.
I wanted to quit.
I didn’t want to spend the time doing all of this for nothing.
Adam (as well as my family and other godly friends of mine) encouraged me to keep going. To not give up. To stay focused.
I told God this was His idea, and He was going to have to work out all of the aspects of this that were falling apart.

I should not have been surprised to see that He did just that.
We had 35 teenagers, 8 workshop leaders, a main speaker, a 6 person worship team, all representing 19 churches from the New England area!

The day started out with a little stressful, but once everything started it went so smoothly and was so incredibly encouraging and uplifting!
Watching teenagers who were excited to learn about how to be godly leaders is inspiring! I wish you could have seen them taking notes, listening intently and connecting with other teens!
I believe that these teenagers can turn the world upside down for Christ, and I can not wait to watch them do it.

Just because we live in New England, the second most unchurched, non-religious state in the U.S. does not mean that we can not start a revival right here. Right now!! This conference was designed to give them practical ways to lead the next generation.

The workshops offered were:

*Dealing with doubt (learning to trust God more) – Zach Boulter
*Keeping your testimony while playing sports – Phil Tuttle
*Discovering where your treasure is (managing your money) – Ryan Reveley
*Organizing your quiet time to get the most out of it – Rachelle Chase
*Developing a stronger prayer life- Ethan Boulter
*Digging deeper into God’s truths and living them out – Ron Townsend Sr.
*Being godly in an ungodly world – Adam Chase
*Starting your own ministry- Craig Wright
*Main Speaker – Ron Townsend Jr.

These speakers gave of their time for the entire day, completely and totally because they wanted to pour into the lives of these kids. They were unselfish, loving and kind.
I am so grateful for each one of them.

We had a great worship team from Dialogue Church in Manchester,(who were incredible servants and totally pulled something together last minute for me!) an amazing administrative assistant Ruth Grimes, and the secretary from The Rock Church, Lynette.

We also had a lot of YOU who committed to pray for the event and the teens and many of you who sponsored teenagers who wanted to go but couldn’t pay.
THANK YOU! It takes all of us to reach all of them!!

My goals for the day were the same as last year:
#1. I wanted Christian teens to know that there were adults who believed in them and supported them enough to make a day away just for them. To help them rise up, grow in their faith, and be prepared to lead.

#2. I wanted these kids to know that they were not alone. That there were other Christian teenagers around them who also wanted to live lives that pleased God.

#3. I wanted them to leave feeling inspired and fired up to serve in greater ways.

I left feeling inspired just watching the way the leaders led and these kids responded. They are the real deal. And it was an honor to meet each one of them.

So the testimony started like this…”I felt like I was the only one who wanted to learn more and God, to do the right thing, and to grow in my relationship with Him”
and it ended like this… “when I went, I made 4 Christian friends who were devoted to God and wanted to grow too! Thank you Surge!”

That is enough for me.
We are better together. Don’t forget that. You are not alone.
And together, we can turn the world upside down.

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A few other testimonies from the day…

“I had a great time! It was fun, helpful, and spiritually invigorating. It helped inspire me to share the good word”

“This was an amazing experience for me to learn that I am not the only person who shares the values and type of life I want to live. Also it was great to relearn that we are not perfect and even though we may trip a few times we still have the amazing opportunity to live a godly life.!!!”

“Going to Surge I was expecting a totally different experience, but I was blown away at how many teens are willing to sacrifice their time to worship, praise, and learn about Christ. It is truly inspiring and I hope to one day be like the leaders, leading other youth to Christ.”

Well. I can see why the enemy was fighting this so hard. Big things are happening in New England!


4 thoughts on “I felt like I was the only one…

  1. WOO HOO!!!! God is so good! Looking forward to next year! -Nikki P.S. Did you have any of the teens that are ministered through the Porch come?


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