Mommy Monday ~ The impact that one choice has

I sat in church last Sunday and heard my dad share a story I have heard dozens of times before. He told about how him and my mom were 18 when they got married. When they were 19, they went to hear Arthur Blessit speak and this man challenged the people listening to make a choice. He said that his choice to serve God totally and completely with his life was one that he never regretted. He said that because of that decision his life was filled with joy.
My parents stood there that day, and made one choice.
That one choice was that they would try it out.
They would try surrendering their lives totally and completely to God. And they did
Sunday, as I listened to that story again, something hit me. My parents were practically kids when they made that decision. It was one choice. One simple choice. To surrender their lives to God. Sure, they knew it was a big decision, and one that would affect their lives personally.
But I wonder if they ever even realized the impact that their one choice would make on so many others.
See…because of that one choice, they decided to raise their kids to follow God.
So because of that one.simple.choice.

*Hundreds of kids are being reached with the love of God through The Porch.
*Hundreds of homeless families are being reached with food and the Gospel through Hope for Kids.
*Hundreds of kids are hearing the story of how Jesus loves them at Girls Week at Camp Maranatha every year.
*Countless numbers of people have been prayed for, spoken life into and loved with God’s love in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and so many other places as my parents children and grandchildren have passed on the incredible life that comes through knowing Jesus.
Do you think that they could have possibly thought that far down the road?
Do you think they thought that their one choice that day could change the life of a 6 or 7 year old homeless boy in Springfield 40 years down the road?
Or could give life to a depressed teenager?
Or could be the encouragement that a tired mom needed?
Or could speak words of truth into a group of teenagers at a conference?

I don’t think they could have had any way of knowing that! I don’t think that we take our choices too seriously.
How important are those choices we make?

See…our choices affect more than just us.
What choices are you making today that are going to have a positive impact on lives for years to come?
What choices are you making today that are going to have a negative impact on lives for years to come?
Do you have to change some things?
Do you even know what God can do with just one person who decides to make one.simple.choice?!
Make the choice today. It’s not just for you!
It’s for your kids.
It’s for your grandkids.
It is for all the other people that your kids and your grandkids are going to reach.
How can we teach our kids the impact that one choice has?
By making that one right choice ourselves.
Just imagine the impact if we all started doing that!
If your parents made those same godly choices? Don’t let it stop at you!!
And if your parents made poor choices? Start it up in you!

For me?
I’m not letting it stop in my family!
I am making that once choice.
We are serving God.
I can’t wait to see the impact it has!


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