Mommy Monday ~ A letter to my future daughter-in-law

Dear future daughter-in-law,

I’m writing this now,  because you are a hypothetical person in my mind, and nothing I say is going to be taken too personally. I have been praying for you every day since my baby boys were baby boys, so I feel like it’s important to tell you what I’ve been praying for.

I have been praying that you will stay pure. That you will stay pure not only in your actions, but also in your thoughts. I have been praying that you will be driven and independent, willing to work hard.
I have been praying that you will be confident in who you are. That you will understand where true beauty comes from and that you will not put yourself down for what you look like, or the way God made you.
I have been praying that you will embrace all the differences about yourself and the things you don’t like about yourself.
I have been praying that you will be a strong leader in your school and among your friends. I have been praying that people will know just by looking at you that you are different, and that you have a relationship with Jesus.
I have been praying that you will have an amazing relationship with your mom and dad. That you will have good role models to show you how incredible marriage is.
I so want for you to feel like when you marry my son, it will be the best decision you ever made.
I have been praying that you will keep your relationship with Jesus your first priority. That you will spend time every single day seeking Him and that you will be delighting in His Word.
I have been praying that you will look to God for all of your acceptance, all of your love and all of your needs.
I have been praying that you will not seek any of those things too strongly in your parents, your church, your friends, and ultimately even your husband. See. I don’t want to pray away any struggles in your life or anything, but I want you to understand how much you need to depend on God I want you to understand that as amazing as my boys are (and they are amazing) that they will never be enough for you, because only God can fill you the way you need to be filled.
I have been praying that that you will have a heart for people. That you will love serving. That you will not become bitter and resentful towards other Christians, or church, or people who have hurt you.
I want you to love church and love spending time serving other people.
I have been praying that you would guard your heart. That when other people hurt you, you will not let it define who you are.

I want for you to understand how to be strong and independent but also how to be submissive and trusting. I want for you to practice now speaking good of other people, so when you are tempted to speak bad about your husband, you will already know the power of life or death that lies in your tongue.
I want you to be willing to fight. To fight for your marriage, to fight for your family, to fight for your faith. I want you to know how to be serious, but also know that you can outright crazy. I want you to be open and honest.

The thing is, these boys of mine? They are too good to be true. I trust them. I trust their judgment. I trust that they are going to be close to Jesus and that they are going to pick an amazing girl.
So I already know you are going to be amazing.

The only thing I ask of you is this. Stay close to Jesus, and love my boy as hard as you can. Laugh at his jokes, give him big hugs, be his biggest fan and supporter. And I will do my very best to let you love my prized possessions and take care of my precious gifts.
Because I know that I am raising them to live with you forever.
And I know that you will take over the jobs that I have been doing for years, because that is the way God designed it. I can’t even wait to meet you when they fall in love with you.


(or literally anything else you want to call me. Because I hate awkward “what-do-I-call-my-mother-in-law-situations. Seriously. Just tell me what you want to call me, and I’m cool with it)

ps. you must love the patriots, or you are not allowed to date my sons. 😉

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