Mommy Monday ~ Where are you getting your authority?

Because I have been so passionate about Biblical parenting for so long, I have come across my fair share of parenting advice from all different perspectives. The most interesting to me, is when people (usually “professionals”…you know.) tell parents that what their kids are doing wrong is normal and not their fault. I just read an article that said that when kids lie, we should not make it a moral issue. (excuse me while I wipe off my screen from the water I was drinking that I just spit out all over the place!) And also, giving your kids discipline for lying will just make them want to lie more. We should really just understand that lying is “normal” and sometimes they will find themselves in situations that will make them lie and it’s not their fault.

Here’s the thing. I am not saying that all “professionals” are wrong in what they are trying to teach, but my question comes when their authority is a textbook, a survey, or a study.
The only authority for me is God. The only one.
According to what He has to say, even children are known by their actions. And according to what He has to say in James 1, we are tempted to sin when our own desires entice us and drag us away to act wrong! Based on the authority of God’s Word, your kids are responsible for their wrong behavior. We can’t blame their sin on other things.

The struggle comes when we start to lose sight of our authority! What is your authority? Are you getting your parenting tips and tricks from people’s opinions, experiments, textbooks and surveys? Or are you getting your authority from God’s Word? Big difference.

Lying is a moral issue. It’s sin. And sin is a pretty big deal to a Holy and Just God.
My kids have to know that! They have to know that when they lie, it’s not just a naughty thing they’ve done and they are going to get in trouble.
They have to know that it is sin against God. And God is always going to be their ultimate authority. They should know that God is always going to be my ultimate authority as well!
I can not tell my children not to lie, and then be lying myself.
God holds me accountable for my sin too!

My challenge to you tonight is to make sure you understand where you authority is coming from. Don’t let yourself get so caught up in all kinds of articles that are giving information based on anything other than God’s Word. Stay consistent in that.
It will make a huge difference.

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