Mommy Monday ~ Take your kids on missions trips

If we are going to be serious about raising our kids intentionally, this has to include showing them how we serve others and showing them how they can serve. We decided a long time ago that when we serve, we want to include our entire family in it. It’s an honor to serve God and to serve others and we are showing that to our kids by living it out and by giving them the same opportunities we give ourselves!

We took the boys on our first missions trip when they were 2 and 4. We went to Canada with a group of teens from our church and led a VBS all week and we did the same trip the following year. The year after that, we spent a week at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic.

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The next year we went to Haiti, and the following year we opened The Porch.

Parenting blog

We absolutely love serving together. We can teach the boys the importance of acting out our faith. We don’t ever want to get so complacent in our lives that we lose sight of what our purpose is…bringing glory to God. Sometimes that looks like simply showing respect to people we see at church, and other times it looks like going to a foreign country and showing the love of Jesus that way.

if you have the chance? Take your kids on a missions trip. There are plenty of organizations that allow you to include the whole family…it doesn’t have to be just a teens missions trip!! Start them young. You will teach them so  many lessons about love, you will make so many memories, you will teach them how to interact with all different kinds of people, you will learn so much about who God is and how He is working all around the world. We are pretty busy with our ministry here in the U.S. now, but I’m looking forward to another family mission trip in our future!


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