My best tip for blogging

I have been a “blogger” for 10 years. I started blogging back when blogging wasn’t even really a thing, and I had no idea what I was doing. I started out really inconsistently writing here and there with pictures of the boys and maybe some of my thoughts thrown into the mix. I wasn’t trying to follow anyone and social media wasn’t even around.

Now you can find a blog on any topic by millions of different people. You can also easily find 5 tips for a successful blog, or 10 ways to boost your blog audience, or you can throw a fun adjective in there like 20 simple easy-to-follow steps to get your blog known.
Pinterest even allows you to find all of those topics in one location on how to be a successful blogger.

While I have looked at many of the different articles that go along with blogging, there is one tip that I have for you that you probably won’t even find in any of those articles.
Here it is:

Don’t become a people pleaser with your blog.

Seriously. It is so easy to fall into the trap of trying to follow all the tips that other people are giving when the bottom line is this: THE OTHER PEOPLE AREN’T YOU!

*If you want to post pictures at 600 pixels wide, go for it. But guess what? If you don’t want to? Then just plain don’t.
*If you want to post on Mondays, Wednesdays an Fridays, do your thang.
But if you want to post on a Monday, then skip 2 weeks and post on a Saturday?
Do it dude. Just do it. And don’t apologize for it.
*If you want to make sure that all your posts end with a clever catch phrase? Make it your own and work it. But if you don’t? Then don’t.

Do you see what I’m saying here?! It is so easy to get caught into the trap of making sure that everything is perfectly set up exactly the way that other people are saying it should be, that you don’t even enjoy it anymore.
When I am already fighting feelings of failure in so many areas of my life, the last thing I need is to feel like I’m not quite making it in life because my instagram feed doesn’t match my brand. I don’t want to get to the point where I am not posting pictures because I was wearing a red shirt that day instead of a pink one which goes with my logo.

I’m not saying I’m against trying to get more followers, or to try and improve the look of my blog. I’m all for pushing and not staying complacent. But the thing is, I think it’s way easier to get so focused on pushing myself to make sure my brand is on point, and my blog post has no more than 600 words, that I am not even pushing myself in areas that have eternal value.
See, when I read my Bible every single day. When I let it change the way I talk to my husband. When I decide to memorize Scripture with my kids…Those things don’t go viral. Those things don’t get me more followers and they don’t get me any likes. But they do earn me blessings from God. I don’t even mean blessings that look like possessions or favor with people or anything like that, although sometimes that does happen. I mean blessings like having peace I can’t even understand. I mean a closeness with God that I long for. I mean joy that no one else can even fathom. But those things aren’t what are in front of me, pushing me every day. And that is what I want more than anything.

So I am not saying don’t try and improve your blog.
What I am saying is try and improve your relationship with God, with family and with people first. Then you can work on color schemes, clever titles and perfect pictures.
Just don’t get distracted. Don’t become a people pleaser with your blog.
Make it about what you want it to be about. And if you make it about you? The people you want to start following you will start following you because they like you. Not because they like your expert blog.
And isn’t that what you want, after all? I know I do.


5 thoughts on “My best tip for blogging

  1. Thank you I am a new blogger and just trying to have fun with it. It is easy to compare ourselves amongst ourselves which the Bible tells us not to do anyway. Thanks for these reminders. Enjoy your summer.


  2. I have been personally struggling with this a lot lately. I enjoy my own original style and voice, but I also know that I aspire to have a famous blog and following someday. I’ve been reading a good amount on how to optimize my blog, get more followers, comments, etc, but none really tell us bloggers how to do that and stay authentic. I think ultimately i’d like to just get people to be engaged because they like me, just like you said. Solid advice!


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