Ninja Warrior

I am training to be a ninja warrior.
And by training, I mean watching the show while eating ice cream.
Ok, ok. I’m not really training to be a nina warrior.
But I am watching my son, Riley, use his master-mindedness to create this awesome ninja warrior course out of legos! Check it out!

legos mommy blogger 1 legos mommy blogger 2 legos mommy blogger 4 legos mommy blogger 5 legos mommy blogger 6 legos mommy blogger 7 legos mommy blogger 8It is so awesome being a mom to 2 boys who are so different. Different personalities, different sizes, different laughs, different interests. I just love it so much. Ry has always loved legos and he could literally just build things for hours. I love being his mom.

So while this amazing boy of mine might struggle with some things, he does not struggle with using his imagination and creativity. He is one. brilliant kid.


2 thoughts on “Ninja Warrior

  1. I love this!!:) so amazing!! What a great idea doing that. He is so creative and so talented with Legos!!! Love him so much. xoxoxo


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