Mommy Monday ~ Don’t forget. You’re still in charge

There have been many times that I have found myself seeing something the boys are doing wrong and just muttering under my breath that I don’t like it. Then I have to stop myself and be reminded of something…I am still the mom.
I am still the mom!
If my boys are doing something I don’t think is good for them? I need to stop being lazy and just get irritated, I need to make the conscious decision to train them and tell them what I think is best for them.
It’s my job.

The older your kids get, the easier it becomes to let yourself get lazy and kind of let them do their own thing. But the bottom line is this…you are still the mom!
Did I say that yet? Instead of complaining to other moms that your kids play video games too much?
Make a decision. Tell them that they have a certain amount of time to play each day, and then give them alternatives for when they’re not playing.

Do you feel like they are getting too selfish? Do some research and come up with a service project for them to do!

The thing is? When you give your kids (even when they are teenagers) alternatives, they really end up enjoying what you come up with.
My kids have certain days they are not allowed to play video games.
They end up playing nerf, playing outside, making up their own games, and all sorts of other things!

Don’t let yourself start feeling like you’ve lost control.
Don’t whine and mutter.
Be active yourself. Make decisions that are going to help them.
A few tips.

1. Don’t come up with your ideas and on the fly. Don’t say that they aren’t allowed to do something in the frustration of watching them fight over something. Show them that you have thought it out. They will be less defensive, and it will be all around better.

2. Be willing to do something with them! Don’t just get frustrated and make them go outside. I mean, you don’t have to be with them all the time, but make sure you are willing to go and do something with them as the alternative!

3. Join up with other moms. Come up with things to do, or places to go as a group! Or just get together with other moms to brainstorm about ways that you can make sure you are teaching your kids self-discipline and an active life that serves others! Partnering up can be so beneficial. (Warning…be sure you don’t ever let a group like this start complaining and talking bad about the kids. If that even starts to happen, walk away. Your kids have to know that you only talk good about them behind their backs!)

You aren’t alone, and you don’t have to be frustrated!
Take control of yourself and remember who is in charge.
You have such a short time with these blessings God has given you.
Take advantage of every second.


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