Looking straight ahead.

The choice is always ours.
Will we look to the left? Will we look to the right? Or will we look straight ahead?
There is no lack for distractions. Sometimes the distractions come from places you wouldn’t expect, but are still distractions, nonetheless. It is always in my best interest to look straight ahead.
It is easy for me to let my eyes linger a little bit longer than they need to in directions that take me away from my path. But I can still shift my focus back to where it belongs.
My focus belongs straight in front of me. Straight ahead at the path God is directing me on. It’s really not hard to decipher what is from God and what is not. It’s only when I let my eyes stay on the struggle, the pressures, the disappointments and the distractions that I start to feel down.
And while I can not choose what comes into my life, I can certainly choose how I react and how I let it shape me.

So for me? I’m looking straight ahead. Where are you looking?


2015-06-11_0002 2015-06-11_0003 2015-06-11_0004




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