What happens in Washington…gets blogged.

Remember that time I said this:blog quote

That is so totally true. People are always going to hurt you. I don’t think there’s any way around it. But not all people are going to hurt you. And God has a way of going above and beyond when you need it most…even if you don’t realize you need it.

I met Emily and her mom Kristin a couple years ago at the Pursuit Conference. We totally hit it off. Stayed in touch closely. Met up again the next year at the conference. And I was so incredibly honored when Em asked if I would be in her wedding. This girl means the world to me…along with so many others God has been kind enough to bring into my life.

I left on Wednesday (with this in my bag)


And came back Sunday night. My time away was exactly what I needed. Spending time with these sweet, amazing, godly friends (and making a couple incredible new ones!) was literally like God just smiling on me. I could say a lot more about the way God works, and the peace and joy I feel right now, but I will just leave you with some iPhone pics of my time in the gorgeous state of Washington.

2015-06-05_0013 2015-06-05_0011  2015-06-05_0009 2015-06-05_0008 2015-06-05_0007 2015-06-05_0006 2015-06-05_0002 2015-06-05_0003 2015-06-05_0004 2015-06-05_0005

2015-06-05_0012 2015-06-05_0010

The entire week/weekend was so Christ-centered, and I am just blown away by the friends God has blessed me with. He is so good, and He knew I needed all of them in my life.
Some things that happened in Washington will stay in Washington…ha! But some things needed to get blogged.


One thought on “What happens in Washington…gets blogged.

  1. So much fun!!!! Beautiful pictures too. So happy you got to go and that you had such a wonderful time. Rys little note and bag of chocolates made me tear up! Such a sweetheart. Those girls are blessed to have you as a friend. I’m blessed too:) xoxo


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