My response to Jarrid Wilson’s response to Matt Walsh’s response to Bruce Jenner

Watching and reading the news tends to make me feel depressed and hopeless, so I honestly try to stay away from it as much as I can. I did, however, see the huge amount of responses that were brought up when Bruce Jenner did an interview on 20/20 to tell the world that he was a woman in a man’s body. Of course there were reactions from people, and that is I’m sure what Bruce expected when he decided to talk about it to a social-media frenzied people. I have continued to watch as Bruce (aka Caitlin) has now been called “brave” and “courageous” for what he has decided to do. He will, of course, always be a man because of the fact that the chromosomes in his body are xy, not xx. No amount of surgery to the outside of his body can change the inside of his body.

When reading all the different responses (most of them positive towards Bruce) I stumbled across a post from Matt Walsh, and then a response post by Jarrid Wilson. I have to say, Matt is more my style as far as how he talks. He likes to call it how it is and I enjoy someone with a confident, solid belief system that is not easily swayed by our culture. Jarrid Wilson, however, decided to completely and totally bash Matt (a fellow believer in Christ.) which is where it all went terribly wrong for me. I tire of hearing about Christians who decide to pick and choose what parts of the Bible they are going to obey, and which ones they are going to pass over. The Bible is full of verses that talk about the power of the tongue. We are told that even a fool is counted wise if he holds his tongue. We are told that when words are many, sin is not absent. And we are told that we are supposed to do good to all men, but especially to those who are the household of faith. This is pretty clear. We are to use our words to build others up, and we are supposed to be kind to people but especially fellow believers! Why especially fellow believers? Because we have the same Father. We are supposed to have the same mentality as family. Like..nobody better be messin’ with my brother. Jarrid however, took the first 2 paragraphs of his post and put down his brother in Christ including a link back to his site. Great. Let’s show the world how we can throw each other under the bus. Perfect.

Here is my concern in all of this.

We are forgetting what we were created to do. We were not created to love people. We were not created to reprimand people. We were not created to invite people to church or to change anyone’s view of God. We were created to bring glory to God. Period.
Sure, we still have to love people.
We are still called to exhort each other daily.
We should invite people to church and we may even change people’s view of God.
But that is not our ultimate purpose.

Let’s be honest. Chances are, Bruce did not read Jarrid’s post. He probably didn’t read Matt’s post. He most definitely is not going to be finding my post. The people who are reading these posts are forming their opinions about what Christians look like. And there is a major confusion when it comes to this, because anyone can call themselves Christians. That does not necessarily mean anything. A true follower of Christ doesn’t even need to say He is a follower of Christ because he just lives it. He is loving. Here’s the thing: Being loving does not necessarily mean being polite. Don’t confuse the difference. Truth is truth. And standing up for truth can come across as impolite sometimes. It does not, however always mean it is unloving. I don’t care how I tell my kid to get out of the road if a car is coming towards him. I am not going to make sure it is like “Um. If you want to, ya know…no pressure. But there is a car coming. I don’t want to tell you what to do or seem intolerant, but if the car keeps coming at the current rate of speed, it may hit you. Um. Ok?” No, no no. I am all out screaming “GET OUT OF THE ROAD NOWWWWWWW!!!” I can explain my reasons later…once you’re still alive! There is a difference in showing love, and standing up for truth.

So my response to Jarrid Wilson’s response to Matt Walsh’s response to Bruce Jenner is this: Don’t unlovingly condemn a fellow believer for not showing love. Surely you see the irony there.
And that is the biggest thing that bothers me about the whole entire issue. The sheer irony in everything. It is ironic that we are telling girls who are struggling with not accepting their bodies to just be content with what they have. We are telling them not to change themselves. Not to starve themselves. Not to photoshop themselves. And then out of the other side of our mouths we are glorifying a man who is doing just that. He is struggling accepting his body. He is not content with what he has. He is changing himself and he is photoshopping himself. And we say to him: Yes. Yes! That is good! That is right! Be who who are!
That. is ironic.
And then we are intolerantly screaming at people who don’t hold our beliefs to stop being so intolerant!
Again. irony.
And the thing is? We don’t even see it. We don’t even see it.
I am saying “we” because I am not trying to put one person against another.
But. Let me be very clear. I absolutely do not believe that Bruce Jenner was born with a female mind and a male body. God himself created all of us and He knew what He was doing. I absolutely do believe that God’s Word is true, and when we start deciding what is good based on our feelings?
The end of that will never. ever. be good. Not ever.

So we, as Christians, must stand up for what is true and not become hardened or confused by the deceitfulness of sin. Yes, we have to love. But we have to be willing to take a hard stand for the truth. This world does not need more wishy washy hypocritical Christians. There are plenty of those to go around. What this world does need more of, is Christians who understand their purpose. Who understand that sometimes living life to bring glory to God means that you will be made fun of and persecuted. And to be honest? If you are not being made fun of or persecuted at all? I would question your walk with God, and you understanding of your purpose. Don’t be deceived. Just love God more. Serve Him more. Focus on Him more. It’s not about how many friends we have. It’s about how well we are glorifying God.

And you as outsiders watching us as Christians? I would hope that you would extend the same amount of “tolerance” to us that you are screaming for us to give you.

And while I’m sure Matt Walsh will not read this post, I commend you. I see people bashing you and questioning you (sadly, the Christians as well as the non-Christians) and that shows me that you are willing to stand up for what God teaches regardless of the consequences. You understand eternal value, and it has challenged me to do the same even more.

And Jarrid? I like a lot of your writings. I really do. I think you have had a lot of great things to say. But I wish that you would be a little more careful in using your words especially to people who are on the same team as you. I wish you would be a little more willing to say hard things. Unpopular things. Things that might make you lose a few followers. Because at the end of the day? It doesn’t really matter what my view is on Bruce, what your view is on Bruce or what Matt’s view is on Bruce. It matters that I am bringing glory to God. And that is what I want to spend my energy doing.


4 thoughts on “My response to Jarrid Wilson’s response to Matt Walsh’s response to Bruce Jenner

  1. direct- well stated-God always; thanks Rachel- your compass always points true North ❤
    (hmmm maybe I should forward your post to Matt…….) ;-D


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