Threads, Kicks and Frosting ~ Sentimental jewelry

I love jewelry. All kinds.
I love big and chunky rings and I love thin, delicate rings.
I love big huge hoop earrings and I love tiny little studs.
I love a huge bead necklace and I love a simple gold chain.

Just recently, my  mom was going through some old jewelry that she had gotten from different family members. I am such a sentimental person. I love the thought of taking jewelry that meant something to my grandmother or grandfather so many years ago, and making it work for today.


So a wedding band my grandfather wore to show his commitment to my grandmother now becomes a thumb ring.
A ring that belonged to my great great grandmother, now becomes a knuckle ring. Who cares if the bottom is broken and the stone is missing.
And a simple gold chain that my grandmother used to wear around her neck to hold the wedding rings that no longer fit her tiny, frail hands because of what a disease was doing to her body, now is worn years later by her granddaughter.
And with each piece I wear, I can be thankful for the generations before me that passed on a love for family, and more importantly for God and His Word.

Jewelry is timeless. And being able to wear pieces that remind me of the amazing family I have been blessed makes it even better.

Sentimental jewelry is the best.



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