We’re getting too full~ My 1am musings

I’m gonna keep it real. It’s almost 1:00 in the morning, and I’m really regretting the cup of coffee I downed at close to 8:00.
So here goes. I have been frustrated lately. Frustrated with life. With people. With a lack of justice in the world. Some things that don’t seem just and fair in my life, some in my family’s lives and some in the world in general. But just to be clear, my frustrations have not been pointed towards God. My frustrations have been pointed towards people. I use the word frustration on purpose, because I am not angry, I am not bitter, and I’m not even really sad. I am just frustrated. I know that it’s a good idea to take those frustrations and channel them towards good. That is why I am starting this website. I think we all need to be reminded that we are not alone.

But as I started looking around, here is what I saw:
*Lack of commitment to God.
*Lack of commitment to friendships.
*Major hypocrisy.
*Lack of commitment to serving others.
*Major selfish behavior.
*Major entitlement.

And I questioned why? Why are people who have been rescued from what they deserve not more thankful? Why are people who have been adopted into God’s family now asking for blessings and comfort for themselves? Why are people taking the “prize” of heaven, but not representing the name of Christ the way they should? Why are people giving a bad name to “Christianity”?

And then it hit me. We are getting too full.
That is the total and complete answer right there.

Let me give you an analogy. Let’s say it’s been a really long day and you are just absolutely starving. You are in an unfamiliar place, and you have no idea what your options for food are going to be. You see the golden arches up ahead, and even though it’s not your first (or second or third) choice, you feel like you’re going to die if you don’t get something in your stomach. So you pull in. Get a couple cheeseburgers, a fry and a drink. You are completely full. Borderline sick, but still. Full. You get back in the car and about 2 miles down the road you see a 5 star restaurant. It has the perfect atmosphere, impeccable food and fantastic service. Here’s the thing. You are completely full. Granted, it’s on absolute garbage, but still. The thought of going into another restaurant, even though it is clearly way more satisfying, way better tasting and has a much better future result, you are just not going in. You couldn’t even bear the thought of food right now.

Why are people not even acting like they are interested in a real, personal relationship with Jesus?
Because they are already so full on the wrong things!
Psalm 90:14 says this. Satisfy us in the morning with your loving kindness.
If we are not getting our satisfaction in the morning from the love of Jesus, we will find our satisfaction somewhere else. Maybe it will be in our instagram likes, maybe it will be in our tv shows, maybe it will be in our finances or our accomplishments, or who knows what else. But the deal is, we fill ourselves every day with something. I really think we don’t even realize we are doing it. But we do. I am particularly passionate about this, because I think people are falling away from the one true God left and right because they are so busy filling themselves with the wrong things. Sometimes with things that are already in their lives and sometimes with things that don’t belong in their lives at all. We are commanded. It’s not a suggestion. To exhort each other every single day, and do you know why? So we aren’t hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. Say what? Oh ya. We are being deceived by sin and we don’t even know it. I have friends right this very second who have been completely hardened by sin. And they don’t even see it as sin! Why? Because it’s deceitful! DUH!

Stop filling yourselves up with the wrong things, for the love of Peter! And stop letting your kids fill themselves up with the wrong things. If you are so busy getting your confidence from your achievements. And you are so busy getting your love from your kids.  And you are so busy getting your self-esteem from your friends…you are setting yourself up to be deceived. You are setting yourself up for failure. Stop filling up on freaking McDonald’s food when God wants to give you a filet mignon and calamari.

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus that is real and growing, you don’t even know what you’re missing. And once you taste it? You’ll never want to go back to the cheeseburger.
And if you are pulling into McYD’s again after you’ve already been to the good restaurant? You had better back. it. up. Pull up on out of that grease pit and check where you have been deceived. Check to see where you held on to bitterness. Check to see where you didn’t forgive someone. Check to see if you started thinking you were smarter than God. You are not.

Here’s the point. We can easily be deceived without realizing it. We need to stop filling ourselves with the wrong things so we can enjoy the right things.
When the rest of the world realizes that we are eating at the 5 star restaurant and they are invited too? They will actually want to come in!
When they see us Christians still eating slop at McDonalds? (no offense Ronald) Why in the world would they do anything any differently?  They wouldn’t.

Live up to your name. Drive right past the garbage and pull in to the good stuff.
Life is so much better that way.

Stop getting too full with the wrong things.


2 thoughts on “We’re getting too full~ My 1am musings

  1. This. was. amazing. Thank you!!!!! Your analogy is perfect!!!! It is so true! I’ve been thinking similar thoughts about all of this, thank you for your endless encouragement!!!!


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