Thankful for so much. Beaches, nephews and chocolate.

We have been in Florida since Tuesday. Oh, did we ever need a vacation. Life looks pretty, sweet, and worry-free on blogs, instagram and facebook. The reality is: life is hard. 
But the truth of the matter is that living a life completely sold out to God, means that you have peace.
It’s a gift that is kind of the package deal. It’s quite the deal. But living a life completely sold out to God does not mean that you eliminate the struggles and the pain. It does mean that you have the power of God to get you through them.
So much of God’s power is shown in the incredible majesty of His creation. As we were driving back from Sanibel Island today, I was talking to my mother-in-law about the amazing way that God shows so clearly that there is a creator. It is so obvious. And seeing the way he takes care of His creation is such a comforting reminder that God cares for me.
He knows my problems, he knows my struggles, and He is good. Always good.
Whether my heart tries to deceive me into believing that He’s not, does not change the fact.
God is a good God.

Thankful today for family who give us a place to get away and spoil us rotten while we are here.
Thankful for a sweet baby nephew I got to meet for the first time.


Thankful for the opportunities God gives me to serve, even though it comes with a lot of pain sometimes.
Thankful for the morning breeze that hits me while I read my Bible in the morning.

Thankful for chocolate. (Just keeping it real, peeps)
Thankful for the beautiful ocean, and sunny weather.



Thankful for sunsets.
Just plain thankful.



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