Mommy Monday ~ Homeschooling Curriculum for Preschoolers

I really wish I had this awesome preschool curriculum back when my kids were little. My sister Melanie used it with her oldest son, and I loved it so much that I thought all of you should see it too! Here are her words explaining what it is, and how she used it for school this past year.

Gods little explorers has been the best thing for us for pre-k. I wasn’t sure what to do with Callen last fall so was praying and researching different options. A friend recommended Gods Little Explorers, from Motherhood on a dime. I looked into it and it looked great!

She offers a free download or you can pay a small amount for a bigger download with more graphics. This also allows you to be part of a private facebook group for support and ideas. I ended up purchasing the download and it has been awesome.
I printed it all at staples and put it in a binder at the beginning of the year. It cost me around $35 to print the whole download. Hard to beat that price!


She has lesson plans for 4 days. This makes it great if your plan is to have structured school 4 days a week. If your schedule is busy, and you want to make it just two days a week, you can easily combine some days and work it that way.

Her categories are: Bible exploration, theme adventure, ABC exploration, self help, chore, manners and service. She also has an other idea section, as well as learning bags you can put together or use.


She goes through the Bible chronologically and uses a letter from that story.
So it’s not an A-Z timeline. The Bible story will be the main focus and then you use the letter of the week throughout. She recommends a couple different Bibles to use, and I chose the Read and Learn Bible, and love it!


The first week starts with letter X as Gods Word is a treasure.
This lesson has you make a treasure map that you will continue to add treasure map pieces to it throughout the year!


This does require some planning on your part but mostly it’s just having basic craft supplies on hand. Lots of construction paper, glue, markers etc. You can easily go over the weeks plans on a Sunday and then be set for the week ahead. Some weeks have been better than others for us, but it has been great to have a starting point. Stacy’s premise for this is to just have fun and to make memories, which I think is so important! It’s also such a great reminder, especially for these young ages. There can be so much pressure to educate and send your child off somewhere when they are just 3 or 4. I think it is completely fine to just let your kid be a kid, at home! It has been so much fun teaching Callen at home this year. Being able to be there to watch him grow and learn has been awesome. It is so priceless to see something click, or to see him understand what I’m saying or asking. I have been so proud watching him learn. Not only academically but also spiritually.
GLE has such a biblical focus, which I love.


I found a site with a free download for bible verse cards for each letter. You can find that here. I printed those out on card stock and laminated them, they have been great to use each week as well.

GLE can be adapted for 3-5 year olds and I would highly recommend giving it a try. It has been so much fun. Check out her website for more information. Her blog includes weekly blogposts from her curriculum so that’s been good to go there for visual ideas for each week.
Also, Pinterest has some good stuff to check out too.
I hope you try it, and remember to just have fun!!:)
They grow up so quick.


xo Melanie


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