Standing together ~ I need your help!

It’s easy to feel alone. There have been many, many days where I have felt that there was no one else in the world who was choosing to follow God besides me and my family. (apparently I have been feeling this way for quite a while!)

I knew this was a lie. But the feeling was strong, and the feeling was real. As I started filling my mind with truth from the Bible, I started remembering friends of mine from all over the United States and the world, who actually were following God. As I sat in church one Sunday morning, my dad was preaching, and he mentioned the verse in Ezekiel 22. This verse talks about how God was looking to find just one person who would stand in the gap for him, and he found none. That blew me away. Oh I did not want that to ever be said of US! I started thinking about how I could incorporate this into my blog posts. I thought it would be great to feature a different person from a different state each month. I could go right through every state and show all the different people who were making a difference right where they were. Either standing up for what’s right in their secular job, in their home, or maybe even in ministries they had started or were volunteering for. I started to jot things down and got so excited thinking about how encouraging this would be to other believers, including myself!

But then I realized I was thinking too small. I didn’t want just a little blog post every once in a while. I wanted an entire website. I’m a big dreamer.


A place people could go when they were feeling discouraged to see what people were doing in their state.


I am beyond excited with the thought of how God is going to use this to encourage believers.
Why let the enemy make us feel like we are alone, when we most definitely are not?!
So here is where I need your help. I have personally contacted many people from all over and asked if they would share their testimonies, but I want more. I am looking for people who would be willing to write one or two paragraphs telling what they are currently doing to stand in the gap. I have a section for adults/families as well as for kids/teens. You are never too young to start standing up for what’s right! I will also be featuring one adult/family and one kid/teen per month on my blog. This feature will go into a little bit more detail with personally testimonies, ministries and what God is doing right now.

If this is something that you think you may want to be a part of, please email me here with your testimony. I have a team who is helping me read through all the testimonies that are coming in. I will also have a place to add your ministries so people who are looking for a place to serve can easily find some! We need to do a better job as the corporate body of Christ to stand strong together.

I will officially launch the website once I have at least one testimony from every state.
I love the idea of standing strong together. Always.
Let’s do this. Together.

(*Testimonies and ministries must agree with our statement of faith)


3 thoughts on “Standing together ~ I need your help!

  1. Your post goes right in hand with Ravi Zacharias and his subject this week that ONE person CAN make a difference. Then today listening to Casting Crowns song ‘Heroes’ made me think again of your post- here are two of the stanzas:

    “These are the heroes, just ordinary people
    Laying down their lives like angels in disguise
    They’re weak but always willing
    They dare to do the hard things
    And in the dark and desperate places no one else goes
    You’ll find the heroes
    You’ll find the heroes

    You may never know their names
    But they’re moving mountains just the same
    Instead of searching for the spotlight
    They’ll follow Jesus into the darkest night

    Heroes, these are the heroes”
    enjoy your posts so much Rachelle! thank you~ ❤


  2. I lovvvve this!!!!!! Such an awesome idea and vision!!! Can’t wait for it to launch!!
    You are amazing, just so you know. Your passion and love for God is so real and evident. Keep it up!! It’s contagious:)


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