How do I find peace when nothing makes sense?

Peace. It’s something that I have to admit I take for granted so many times.
Peace is not natural. It does not belong to everyone.
And how do I find peace when nothing makes sense?
True peace can only come from God.
See, the definition of peace is freedom from mental strife or worry.
The only way we stop ourselves from worrying is when we realize there is someone greater in control.
For people who don’t know God as the personal, loving Father that He is, they have to have trust in a human for control. Whether it’s trust in themselves, trust in a family member, the law, or even the government. Regardless, they have to be placing their trust in someone. Any human is subject to failure. Any one of us.
God is the only one who can always be trusted all of the time.

As I started thinking about the concept of peace, I remembered this Bible verse.
The peace of God passes understanding.


Do you know what I don’t understand?
I don’t understand how bad things can happen to really good people.
I don’t understand why people die young.
I don’t understand why people you think you can trust, turn their back on you.
I don’t understand why there is cancer.

But do you know what I do understand? I understand the love of God.
Ephesians 3:19 talks about the fact that the love of God passes knowledge.
My knowledge is shown in all those statements above. My knowledge has proven all of those very things to be true.
I have seen bad things happen to really good people.
I have seen people die young.
I have seen people who I thought I could trust, turn their back on me.
I am currently seeing someone I love very much, die with cancer.

My knowledge. My understanding. It is limited. But when I understand the incredible love of a Father towards His children it pushes past my knowledge. When I understand the peace that comes as a gift from God for trusting Him, it goes past my understanding.
It makes no sense, but it’s true.
God loves. God loves me!
How can I do anything but trust Him? The Lord promises to give strength to His people, and He blesses us with peace.
It’s a blessing. A gift. And what greater gift could there ever be than peace from a God who is in complete control?

It’s mind blowing, really. And the only reason I lose my peace is when I start living life based on my own weak understanding. My own flawed knowledge. It’s not about me. It’s about the plans that God has for the world.

Peace. I can literally stay in perfect peace if I keep my mind focused on Jesus.
On His love.
On His plan.
The end of the verse that says how peace passes my understanding…guess what it says?
It says that it will guard your heart and guard your mind.
Guard them? From what? Peace guards your heart from distress! Isn’t that incredible?
What an amazing gift. Something that can protect and guard my heart from all the turmoil that is going on around me. It’s a gift. Yes, but we have to do something to get it!
We need to keep our mind stayed on God. On His Word. On His Truth.
When we do that, He gives us peace.
When He gives us peace, our mind and our heart is protected.
When our heart and our mind is protected? Everything in life is better.

God’s peace.
That is what I need today. That is what you need today. That is what we all need today.


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