Mommy Monday ~ When Monday feels like a four letter word

It’s Monday. The day when hubby goes back to work, and life has to carry on as normal. It’s typically the day you feel incredibly overwhelmed with laundry that has been left untouched all weekend and dishes piling up in the sink. Depending on your stage of life, you either have play dough stuck on the table and sippy cups with fermented apple juice under the couch, or you have dishes in every imaginable place and dirty soccer uniforms needing to be watched for practice that very night. Either way, it can be overwhelming. It’s like you can just feel yourself fighting to keep going when everything inside of you wants to go back to bed, hide under the covers and never come out again.
It’s real. The feelings are real. I’ve been there and will be there again and again, I’m sure. Monday is kind of like a four letter word, really. It sort of pushes you down and dares you to try and get anything done, or feel good about yourself. I would say that maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but I don’t really think that I am! Feelings are strong and they can literally knock you out.
Life doesn’t stop moving. Sick, or not sick. Tired, or not tired. Grouchy, or not grouchy.
You gotta keep moving.

So how do you do that? It’s more than just a few more cups of coffee, and staying in bed isn’t an option. The answer? Staying focused. I know, that seems so contrite and lame. But the truth is that it is so important that we don’t look to the right or to the left…we need to keep looking forward.

What happens when I look to the left, before I even get out of bed, at my instagram feed, and I see that there are 12 moms who are posting selfies after their morning run? #running #fitmomforlife #gagmewithaspoon. I already feel like a total and complete failure because I can’t remember the last time I ran! My feet haven’t even hit the floor!! It doesn’t stop there! It is constantly in our faces…the home made baby food, the new house improvement, the business that is exploding, the kale smoothies (I swear…If I see another one of those AHHHH! I get it. You like #healthyliving #kaleforthewin #blahblahblah) All I am saying is this: it makes us lose focus. It might not even be social media for some of us! It can just as easily be a conversation we have with someone, or reading a magazine, watching tv, anything…getting sidetracked. It is so dangerous when we start getting distracted and losing sight of the plan God has for us. Not for the person to our left or to our right.

If you are in the middle of a life that includes changing diapers, getting up 8 times in the night and listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for hours, own it! Make it your own! That is God’s plan for you right now! It’s your life.
If running isn’t important to you? Don’t make it a big deal because it’s important to someone else!
Is home made baby food your passion? Rock that out. But if it’s not? Drop it. Who even cares? I’m pretty sure you 18 month old is not going to be thanking you for that.
Are kale smoothies really your ticket to a better life? Keep it to yourself! Ha. Joking.
But really, if it’s not your thaang. Don’t make it your thaang!

Maybe you’re in a different stage of life. Maybe it is more like being a chauffeur, going from soccer game to soccer game, having to have deep conversations about life with teenagers.
This is your life! Make it memorable! Look straight ahead, at your course. Your course is right before you, don’t get so distracted making sure you get your morning run in so you can instagram it, that you miss out on a conversation you need to have with your son.
Don’t get me wrong. I love running. I ran 2 marathons when my boys were little. I loved it and I would do it again. But it was all about time management! It was still making sure that I was staying on course, keeping focused on what was important to me. It didn’t make me better or worse than any other mom.

So today. If it’s a easy, kids are being good, haven’t bounced a check this week, got a run in, kind of a day? Awesome. I’m so glad for you. Because those kinds of days give us hope that we could have more of them!

But. If your day was a difficult, kids are fighting, no money, haven’t exercised and have managed to eat a half gallon of ice cream kind of day? It’s ok! You’re not alone, and you’re going to get through it. I promise you will! Find something small, and make it big. Did you get a hug from your 2-year-old in between fits? That’s great! See what a sensitive little angel she can be? Focus on the positive. Focus. Focus. Focus. Don’t look to the left, don’t look to the right, and don’t look behind you! Just keep walking. One foot in front of the other.
Think a little bit about the things you need to change, and a lot a bit about the things that you have improved in.

And if you need to? Stay off instagram. You don’t need the distraction, and you won’t miss much. Just stay focused.
You got this, girl.


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