Highlight reel of the last month

Life gets going faster than I can keep up with sometimes.

Here are a few highlights of the last month via my iPhone.

I got a waffle maker. Why did I not do this sooner in my life?
AJ and Ry had their first outdoor soccer games. Brrrrrr.
The Currier cousins were here. Family makes me happy.
AJ sprained his ankle. Not on his basketball team, or on his soccer team. But upstairs in Ry’s bedroom playing nerf basketball. Go figure.


I babysat for my sweet niece Adi. Then I tried to remember what it was like when I used to rock AJ to sleep every night. A little different when he’s bigger than me.2015-04-03_0002 My studio is almost ready! AHHHH! So excited!
And the snow is almost all gone! Win.2015-04-03_0003

I was a contributing author in a devotional book!
Adam continues to blow me away with his constant servant’s heart. I always get a little bit emotional when I see my husband serving the way he does. His love for the kids from our town is amazing. He has put so much time and effort into so many kids. He doesn’t do it for appreciation, and it’s not often that he gets appreciation. But that makes it even more amazing to watch. I am so blessed.
We are getting the chance to pour our lives into the teens even more in a Biblical way by Young Life once a week! Loving the way God is working.

My sweet friend Joni drove THREE hours each way to do a promo video for The Porch. She is an amazing friend. It was so encouraging to be reminded that people are supporting us. And it was emotional for me to hear the kids say what they liked about The Porch. So many hours we have put in, and sometimes you wonder if it’s even making a difference. Then I’m reminded: I am called to be faithful and leave the rest to God.
It’s been a hard month in some ways, but so good in many other ways. I am always reminded of the faithfulness of God in my life…so grateful for everything He is doing in and through my little family.


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