I don’t have time for lazy friends

I know that title sounds harsh, but wait and hear me out before you make your final judgment.

Ok. Life is short. I have absolutely no guarantee of my next breath. I could live to be 100 or I could die tomorrow and I literally have no idea which it will be. Because of the fact that I don’t know which it will be, it becomes very important who I am surrounding myself with. What kind of friends are you surrounding yourself with? Did you know that obeying God brings major benefits and blessings? I mean, major. Did you also know that disobeying God brings major discipline and opposition? Here’s what I’m trying to say. It is really important to me that I spend time with people who understand the benefits of obedience to God. Because I want my closest friends to be doing whatever it takes to make sure that I am getting benefits. I know that sounds selfish on my part, but I want to be that kind of friend as well. I also want my closest friends to understand the harm that can come to me if I choose not to obey. If they understand that, they will do everything they can to make sure I stay away from certain things. Make sense?

So when I say that I don’t have time for lazy friends, what I really mean is this. I want to be surrounding myself with the kind of people who understand that obedience will benefit me, and giving me excuses will harm me. If I have people in my life who understand that, they are going to work hard to give me the truth. And sometimes? The truth is hard to hear. But the people who really understand the benefits will work hard and will take a risk. The people who don’t understand that, will give me excuses, will help me justify my sin and will side with me every time. I don’t have time for people like that. Ain’t nobody got time for that! What if this is my last week?? And my friends have decided to let me make bad choices that affect my family and affect my ministry just because they don’t want to give me the hard truth and potentially hurt my feelings? I can’t have that! I just can’t. Anyone can find those lazy friends. The ones who are always willing to go out for drinks and help you “forget” about your problems. But let’s be real. Those aren’t the hard working friends.

I could write story after story of times that I have had friends give me the hard truth. I know it’s hard. I didn’t always like it at first. But I knew it was what I needed. I need my friends to be willing to work hard for me. And I want to be working hard for you too. The lazy way out is to be silent. The hard way is to be lovingly and brutally honest. It’s hard. Yes it is. But it is the kind of friend I want, and the kind of friend I need. Because I want some stellar benefits, baby.

So no offense. It’s not like I still won’t love on you and still won’t hang out with you if you’re a lazy friend. But the people who I am constantly listening to? Those are the ones I have to choose really carefully. Those are the ones who have to understand the way life works.  My benefits depend on it.

Are you being a lazy friend? Do the hard thing. Your benefits depend on it.



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