Threads, Kicks and Frosting ~ Tricking your mind with your outfit

The struggle is real, people. It’s March. The end of March. The calendar says it’s Spring. While some people are seeing the beautiful buds, green grass and amazing signs of Spring…we are calling it a win if we see a patch of brown, muddy grass peeking out from under the piles of snow. It’s 41 degrees right now, and I can’t help but burst out in “We’re having a heart waaaaaave“! So even though some of you are already enjoying Spring weather including the bright colored clothes and flip flops, those of us in the colder regions have to trick our minds. I decided to pull out the bright colors and make myself feel like it’s warm and even though my frozen solid little limbs are telling me otherwise.

So the neon yellow shirt was busted out, and the bright blue nail polish. I couldn’t quite bring myself to wear flip flops yet because…well. Frost bite. But my Toms were close enough to make me feel kind of like it’s Spring.

How are you tricking your mind to believing it’s Spring? Whatever it takes, right?


Neon Shirt – J.C.Penney
Jeans – American Eagle
Shoes – Toms Bimini stitchout
Nail Polish – Rue 21


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