Mike’s Pastry, Boston Celtics, City Loving and 55 degree weather

I never know what to get Adam for his birthday. It’s not that he’s not appreciative of whatever I get him, it’s just that he’s content with what he has. period. He doesn’t need to buy stuff for himself, and he is a very unselfish person.

So when his birthday came around this year, and I started telling him I had no idea what to get him, he suggested I get celtics tickets for all of us. Um. An excuse to go to Boston for the day? Sign me up. He picked the team he wanted see, picked the seats he wanted and I got the tickets.

We could not have known that the day he picked for us to go would literally be the warmest day we have had in 297 years. Just kidding. But when you live in New England and have a winter like the one we’ve had this year, it feels it. It.was.beautiful.

We left after lunch (Thank you so much to Ruthie and Catherine for holding things down at The Porch for us!) and had an amazing time. Even though I consider Boston my second home, we still have to do the touristy thing and go to Mike’s Pastry and I can never get enough of the beauty of the city. We walked around with no jackets on, sat by the water, shopped a little, got our clam chowder and enjoyed the game.

So thankful for such an amazing family. The celtics even decided to win for us. I’m fairly sure it was because we were there.





2 thoughts on “Mike’s Pastry, Boston Celtics, City Loving and 55 degree weather

  1. I love this. So happy you guys got to get away for the day. On such a beautiful day! Love the pictures!! And those cookies, oh my-yum!!! So perfect.


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