Threads, Kicks and Frosting ~ Kids Fashion {Guest Post}

I am excited to welcome Allie as my guest blogger for today’s style and fashion post. Although I have never met her in person, we have a lot in common and I was totally happy to have her guest blog for me. I wanted to give those of you who have little chums at home some inspiration, and since mine aren’t so little anymore, Allie is helping me out! I love meeting other moms of boys and she has the cutest little bunch of boys!

HI! I’m Allie, and these days I can definitely be defined as “boymom.” I have three awesome sons but only one of them really cares about how he dresses. Most days you’ll find my number 2, Shepherd, wearing his favorite green basketball shorts and superhero tee.  Yes, he’s only 4, but he knows comfort. However, there are certain days when he asks me, “Should I dress for comfort or style?” I usually answer “STYLE!” and if he agrees – I jump all over it!

I do love dressing my boys in cute “grownup” clothes, but sometimes I just don’t see the point. They are messy, crazy, wild, sweaty little men – yes even in the winter they are sweaty. Spending a fortune on coordinating outfits just doesn’t make sense to me or my budget. But, I do have these cute outfits on reserve for the occasions when he says, ” I think I’ll dress for style.”

2015-02-25_0001 2015-02-25_0002

I love sweatshirts that are stitched or embellished in some way. They are still comfortable but still trendy and cute.
I had to snag this sweatshirt; the elbow patches, striped trim, and car details won me over. I also love to have my boys throw on the perfect layering shirt and well-fit comfortable jeans. I snagged this whole outfit for under $16 (pretty proud of myself for that one).


Those are my #winning moments in motherhood – a son who will wear what I ask him too and all at a bargain because he may never put it on again.

 Sweatshirt and Jeans: RUUM KIDS  

Collared Shirt: The Children’s Place 

You can follow Allie here:

Allie Reveley

Chelmsford, MA
instagram: @abrphotodesign #abrphotodesign

*For more information on guest blogging, contact me here


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