Intravenous caffeine, blizzards and insanity.

It’s been a long winter. We went from not a drop of snow the end of December, to day after day after day of not inches of snow, but feet. We have about 4 feet out there right about now, and it makes you all kinds of crazy.


I’m not playin’ people. This feels like what it looks like outside. In one way, it can make you want to get tons of stuff done inside your warm and cozy house. Unless, of course, your home is indeed cozy but not warm. Remember that time my house looked like this?


Ya. Me either. Now it looks like this.2015-02-20_0006

Seriously. We are all just living underneath that. We haven’t come out for days.
Ok, ok. Maybe I’m slightly exaggerating but it’s pretty close. And once those feelings of “let’s get tons of stuff done” wears off? You start screaming WHYYYYYYYY??? WHYYY GOD? WHYYYYY?? So me and God have some pretty serious conversations. I asked Him what the exact purpose of this white stuff is. It’s not like we’re hungry and need manna. As far as I’m concerned, there’s really no other solid reason that any kind of white stuff should fall from the skies. (except for big, white, fluffy flakes on Christmas Eve into Christmas morning) If we can’t eat it, who needs it? I think He laughed a little and then pushed the big “blizzard” button just for kicks and giggles. It’s ok, really. He likes when I ask Him questions and even though I don’t get the answers I want a lot of times, I just keep right on asking.

I am so very thankful for a lot of things this time of year.

Coffee. I normally have a cup a day, give or take. Now I decided to not only have a few cups a day but I ordered an IV drip on amazon so I can add caffeine intravenously. I mean, how bad could that be? Starbucks does the trick, and let’s just get the day started right. Plus with amazon prime you get free 2-day shipping.

Blankets. They are my friend, and I literally have one wrapped around me at all times. No joke. My only fear has come a few times when I’ve almost tripped on it going down the stairs. But It’s cool. Maybe the fall would get my heart rate up.

Messages. I have gotten text messages, emails and even a real live valentine that has helped me realize there are actually people in the world around me. People besides just those ones I live with… since we never leave our house. I was beginning to think that we were the only ones left on earth.

The gym. For tanning. Not working out. Just had to be clear there so you didn’t think I was trying to brag. When I can manage to get through the piles of snow, I drive to Planet Fitness and tan for 10 minutes. It makes me feel like there will be sun someday, and I still think I am allowed to say “I went to the gym.” Yes? I mean would anyone really ask what I did there? Please.

2015-02-20_0003 My family. I’m lucky and I know it. All my siblings were together last weekend for Riley’s birthday and it was like heaven on earth. There were 14 bambinos running around my house Saturday (I mean, the teenagers weren’t actually running around my house, but you get my point..there are 14 nieces and nephews between me, my sisters and my brother) along with my parents, and a bunch of friends and I loved it…mostly because of the body heat that was generated. We didn’t have to huddle around the little electric fireplace! It was fantastic.

And lastly, leggings. Leggings for days isn’t just a saying. It’s a real thing, people. Here’s the way it works on so many levels. Leggings are pants when you wear long shirts, leg warmers and slippers. They also double as pajamas. Who has the desire to get into pj’s at night when you’ve been shivering all the day long? Problem solved. Also, when you don’t go out in public for weeks, you can literally just wear the same clothes over and over (as long as you take a shower in between. I mean come on now, let’s not be gross.) because no one has seen what you’ve been wearing! (It’s important not to instagram yourself in your outfits…be careful about that!)  So you save on laundry soap, electricity, and water. All I’m really doing here is trying to be a good Proverbs 31 wife and save money for my family. Sacrifice. It’s all about sacrifice. I am just trying to do my part.

So there you have it. A few things that all this crazy weather has taught me about being thankful.

I am not sure I still have my sanity, however. Insanity isn’t all that bad though, is it? I mean once you’re insane, do you really even realize it? I think it gets a bad rap. It’s described as severe irrationality. Hmm. Am I irrational? Would an irrational person have the brain power to figure out a way to bundle up enough to be able to still eat ice cream every night and not freeze to death??
I think not. Nope. I think I’m good.

Now someone come and shovel me out, bring me to the airport and get me a one way ticket to somewhere sunny.
I promise I will get changed out of my leggings if you do!

2015-02-20_0001 2015-02-20_0002


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