Why birthdays make me emotional ~ Riley turns 12

Birthdays make me emotional because it reminds me that another year has gone by, and for a mom? That means you’re a year closer to losing your baby. I know that sounds extreme, over the top, a bit much. But so many times I look at my boys and think – How did they get so old? When did this happen? I thought I was still changing diapers, filling sippy cups and rocking them to sleep. It all just happens so fast.

February 6th, 2003 came and went like it was any other day. But it wasn’t supposed to! It was my due date. The day I was going to welcome my second baby boy into the family. But Riley was not ready to arrive and decided to wait until the next day. You talk about a day crawling by? AJ was 21 months old and was giving me a run for my money. I could hardly move and I just wanted to have my baby in my arms!

His birth was difficult, but nothing like his brother’s. My water broke at 5:00am and at 12:31pm he was born. No emergencies, no near death experience. Just a healthy, 7 pound 2 ounce little boy.


To me, Riley still looks like this.

52bf5-9Or this.


ryry4But now he’s old. 12-years-old. And I can hardly even remember the long tiring days with a toddler. So that. That is why birthdays make me emotional. But not emotional in a bad way. Life has been filled to the brim with good times because of this boy. And as we enter each new stage, I find myself loving each one just as much as the last.

I looked back at what I wrote about him in 20102011, and then what I wrote about him in 2014. It’s fun to see the things that have changed about him and the things that have stayed the same.

He still loves legos. He still could eat chips and salsa all day every day. He does like ice cream now (phew! good thing for that one!) and he tolerates corn. He is still hilariously funny and still very sweet and sensitive.

I started thinking about why I actually write a birthday post for my boys.
I don’t use it as a way to write to them. I do that in a personal letter that is just for their eyes.
I don’t use it as a way to brag on my kids. Although I do have a lot to brag about.
So I guess I just do it so I can look back and remember what I was doing in February of 2015. I guess I do it so I can have an excuse to talk about how blessed I am. So I can talk about how good God is and how thankful I am.

Riley Joel has a lot of friends. If you’ve met him, you love him. It’s that simple. He will make you laugh, he will have no problem giving you a hug, and he will blow your mind with his singing. I could talk about him all day and half the night because he is just that great of a kid. It’s amazing to watch your own children grow and start to become their own person. To watch them become confident in different areas of their lives. It’s no cliché when people say children are a blessing from the Lord. A blessing for sure. An incredibly, humbling, overwhelming blessing. I am so grateful that God decided to put Riley in our family. We are better because of him. I am so excited to see how God is going to use this boy to change the world. 12-years-old. It’s gonna be a great year.

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One thought on “Why birthdays make me emotional ~ Riley turns 12

  1. This is amazing. I love all of this so much!!!!!!!! And those pictures are the best. Im not sure where time goes either. Such a sweet boy. Love him so much.


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