Living in New England ~ When the cold brings out the worst in you

Sometimes, the cold brings out the worst in me. I have to admit that I wanted to write about something else tonight. Some things get me all riled up, and I just don’t understand people. So many times I don’t understand people…Christians, especially. And I’m freezing. Dudes. My front yard has 30 inches of snow in it. And we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. I am wrapped up in a blanket right now with the heater cranking and I’m still cold. So that can tend to make me cranky.

But then I calm down. (After my poor, sweet husband listens to me rant and rebukes me) And I realize that I am responsible to obey God regardless of my circumstances, and regardless of the people around me. I am not living to please people. Not even close.
I’m not trying to use my circumstances as an excuse for getting upset, but it can be hard living in New England in the winter. You don’t have the energy to exercise..all you want to do is eat, and sit in front of the tv. Then you get mad at yourself because you are so fat and lazy. I feel like it’s way harder to be intentional, focused and driven in the winter. It’s easier to get upset, irritated and just plain bitter.

So it takes a lot more to stay focused. I need to stay focused. I need to be looking ahead. Not to the left. Not to the right. Just straight ahead. And so that is what I am making myself do. And then God does these little things for me… like telling other people to email or text me to encourage me. And that’s pretty awesome. Because It is those seemingly small things that make or break a day. Literally. I don’t think that the people who decided to take 2 minutes to communicate appreciation to me thought: I think I am going to totally change Rachelle’s day. They just did something real quick. Just one thing. And it did totally change my day. It’s pretty amazing the power we have to do that, don’t you think? That is why I am trying to be really focused on doing just one thing a day to make a difference in someone’s life. You can follow my ideas on instagram #dojustonething. And you can also join me in doing your own things! It can be telling the barista at starbucks that they make the best chai tea lattes ever. It can be sending a hand written letter to someone who is not expecting it. It can be letting someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store. It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be something. And it’s empowering, really. I like the idea of having the power to affect someone that much. I am going to do just one thing.

When I realize that it’s not about me, everything changes. The way I look at everyone else around me changes. And it’s incredibly good to be a part of. So if you are living in a cold part of the country? Or even if you’re living in some place tropical… Show your power. Do just one thing. It’s not so hard to do just one thing, right? Make someone’s day. It will make you feel so good.

There are some of the good parts of living where there’s snow. I loved watching my boys and some of their friends from town play in the snow while there was no school! So much fun.

2015-01-30_0002 2015-01-30_0003 2015-01-30_0004 2015-01-30_0005

Do just one thing. 


3 thoughts on “Living in New England ~ When the cold brings out the worst in you

  1. I understand this completely and was feeling super down being that it is now MAY and it is still FREEZING and the heaters are still cranking and we are still cold ! Thanks for the uplifting words it has made living in new england just slightly more bearable for today 🙂


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