Threads, Kicks and Frosting ~ Wearing shirts that show what you believe

I love the idea of wearing shirts that help you share your faith. I have shirts from The Porch, from Surge, and from Delight and Orphanage Outreach that I love rocking. T-shirts are an easy conversation starter. I have had the chance to talk about the not-for-profit I run, the teen leadership conference I direct, a missions trip to the Dominican Republic I took with my family and a ministry for creative, Christian girls that I’m a part of!

All I did was wear my t-shirt to the gym, or just wear it going to the grocery store! What is easier than that?! Are you looking for ways to share your faith? Wearing shirts that show what you believe… Boom. Done.

FullSizeRender  1923353_19722707216_2887_n567ec-2014-08-08_0010

I am loving the Jesus Saves Bro shirts I am seeing on instagram! Anyone else know of any shirts that they would recommend? I am thinking about buying some, and would love your suggestions!


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