Eating fast food on January 1st

So it is January 1st. The day of new goals, fresh starts and big dreams.
I had chips for lunch, and  KFC for dinner. I also managed to down a lot of chocolate.

We travelled home from New York today, and I feel like the last week or two have been an absolute blur. It’s ok though, people. January has 31 days, and I think maybe God planned it that way so for those of us who want to do something for 30 days? We get a free day.
So today was my free day. Tomorrow is the day I throw the candy in the trash and drink my coffee with almond milk.

We got home 45 minutes ago, and I have already unpacked! Boom.

Here are a few pictures from the 5 days we spent with Adams brother and his family. And by that I mean, I grabbed my camera for the very first time 20 minutes before we left. So. Ya.

2015-01-01_0001 2015-01-01_0002 2015-01-01_0003Anyone else taking advantage of their free day? Here’s to a great 2nd day of January!


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