Peace out 2014

I talk about how much I like fashion. I do. I love shopping. I love new clothes. I am always up for a new ring or necklace, and I could never have too many shoes…of any kind. But as I was thinking about what outfit I was going to wear the other day, I started thinking about how little it mattered. And as I started carrying it a little further, I realized how many things I spend time on have absolutely no lasting value. Now, I don’t think it means I should never do anything in life unless it has eternal value. I mean come on now, that would mean I would have to give up hundreds of things I do. Even running, while it is good for me and helps keep me healthy, has no eternal value. So I started thinking about the things I do that DO have eternal value. What I realized was, it takes a conscious effort to make anything eternally valuable. What does it actually take to have something qualify as eternally valuable? If it’s eternal it means it has no ending, so what is something that I can do that has value that will have NO ending?

Loving my kids? Well. It is important and it does has value, but does it have eternal value? When all of us have died, will it matter if I loved them? Not really.

Giving to people in need? Again, I think it’s important but when we are gone from this earth will it matter if I gave or not?

Life on earth is not eternal, so anything I am doing that has to do with life on earth and that alone I guess could not qualify as eternally valuable. Right? So I guess that leaves one thing I can do that is eternally valuable.

Point people to the only thing that is eternal. Jesus. That’s it. Nothing else matters. If I am doing anything at all and it doesn’t point to Him, all I am is a nice person who will soon be forgotten.

When our family went to the Dominican Republic on a missions trip several years ago, we partnered with an orphanage. We truly enjoyed our time there, but there was one thing that really stood out to Adam and I. It was that the organization was giving and serving and loving, but it stopped there. Maybe they were able to give these kids a home when they didn’t have one, but what was going to happen to them after they outgrew the program? There needs to be more. They needed to know about Jesus. They needed to know what happened after life on earth was over!
There needs to be more than nice people doing nice things.

My challenge to you is this. Think about what you do with your time. Think about what you do with your money. Are you spending it on things that have eternal value? Maybe you are already doing a good job at that. But maybe you need to adjust a few things. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give things up, but it might mean you need to be add some things.

Prayer always has eternal value. Photography does not. I don’t think I need to give up photography because it doesn’t have eternal value, but I do think I need to pray for my clients as I’m shooting! It’s just about making an intentional decision to live your life in a way that will make a difference forever.

My last challenge to you for 2014:  Make simple decisions that will affect people’s eternity. Don’t waste your time and money on things that don’t matter.

My rock the month word for January is eternal. I want to  look at everything I am spending my time and money on and ask myself if it has eternal value. If it doesn’t, I want to see if there’s any changes I can make so it is. If there’s not? I want to rethink why I’m even doing it at all.
And with that I say, peace out 2014! I’m ready for 2015, and can’t wait to see everything God is going to do! It’s gonna be a great year!


One thought on “Peace out 2014

  1. Wow this is so amazing. Like so amazing. Thank you for this. And thank you for always pointing me (and your readers) to what matters most. I’ll take that word eternal for the month too.


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