When there’s chocolate on the counter

You know what I’m talking about. Christmas cookies, candies and treats have been pouring into your house all month, and it just sits there on the counter calling your name. Here you are, the day after Christmas, and you think that maybe you should stop eating so bad. But guys…there’s chocolate on the counter! So what else is a person to do? You eat it. I mean. You might as well just finish it. It’s just sitting there and you really can’t waste food. That is just all kinds of wrong.
I have had people try and convince me that food is only to keep us alive and is not intended for enjoyment. I could not disagree more. We would not need to have taste buds if that was the case, and I totally believe food was made for our enjoyment. So I enjoy it. But there does come a time to show a little self control. It is not, however, in December! Ha!
January first is quickly approaching, and with that can come a whole lot of different emotions. It can be guilt and frustration about the goals you set for last year that you never accomplished. It can be excitement that you did complete things you started last year, or maybe nervousness that you won’t be able to complete things this year the way you wanted.

If you are feeling guilty or disappointed in yourself for last year, I have to give you permission to do something here real quick.

Let it go. And I don’t mean it in the way that Elsa and Anna sing it. I mean really. Last year? It’s over. There is nothing you can do to change anything about it, so you might as well just let it go. Spend time thinking about the good things that happened, and then just move on. Look forward. We are about pressing on here. So if you’re going to spend any amount of time with me in my little corner of blog world, you are not going to be able to sit in a puddle of despair and have regrets.

Regrets should only be used as fuel to inspire you to make sure you don’t have any more.

Last year, I challenged you to take one month at a time. Focus on January. Don’t get overwhelmed focusing on 2015. It’s just one month. 31 little old days. Anyone can do anything for one month. When I started doing the whole 30 diet, I was pretty sure it was going to be impossible. I thought I may very well die from lack of the loves of my life (grains and sugar) But it wasn’t. It was just 30 days of it. No big deal. My challenge to you again this year, is to rock one month at a time. Just decide that January is going to be stellar. You are going to rock out the month. You are going to be organized, eat healthy, exercise, read your Bible, whatever it is. You can do it for one month. And if you need to narrow it down even more than that, do it! Decide that instead of “eating healthy” for one month, you are just going to cut out chocolate. Or grains. Or whatever it is. Instead of saying you are going to “exercise more”, decide you are going to do 25 pushups and 25 crunches every night for the month of January. Instead of saying you’re going to “read your Bible more”, decide that you are going to read one chapter in Proverbs every day for the month.

Making small, attainable goals for yourself is the key. Setting a big, ambiguous goal for the entire year can stress the living daylights out of you. You can do anything for one month! I know you can! Staying accountable to someone is also really helpful!

I made these printables for you to download and print to out to help get you organized. You can download them here.

rockthemonth1And because I really mean it when I say accountability can make all the difference, I am totally prepared to be the accountability you need! You can contact me with your specific goals and I will pray for you and email or text you and remind you to stay strong!

Forget about that chocolate on the counter for today. It’s still December. Forget about what you need to accomplish for the entire year. Just think about what you need to do to rock out January. You can do it. I know you can!



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