Some real life at the Chase’s

I don’t always post about what is going on in my every day life. Partly because I think I would stress myself out even reading it. ha. Things are…busy. Always. But I hate the thought of coming across as a complainer. And reading about the stress of someone else’s life doesn’t really seem like it would benefit anyone.

So here’s just a little bit of some real life at the Chase’s. We are in the middle of indoor soccer season for both boys, and middle school basketball for AJ. That means AJ has practice every day, and games Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Riley has games on Monday nights as well which has made for some difficult maneuvering.

We are loving the excitement that comes with opening The Porch every day. After 5 years, it still doesn’t get old for us. We have new kids coming in almost every day, and I am still just so thankful that God has decided to use us to reach hundreds of kids with His love. It may seem insignificant to some, but I am positive it is not insignificant to them! We are offering a community service project this week that I’m really looking forward to.

10834882_1005958926099812_1753805727605941193_oMy busy season for photography is slowing down, although I had a proposal shoot last weekend, a family shoot next weekend and a wedding in a few weeks!

Things are starting to slow down a little bit for us with school, so we were able to relax a little bit this morning and just enjoy reading with no pressure of having to write a paper about it or anything!

I love being with these boys. I honestly never even thought far enough ahead when my boys were little that they would become my friends when they grew up. It’s not that I thought we would not be friends, I just never thought of this aspect of parenting! It is pretty amazing. These boys make me laugh, take care of me, and bring so much joy to my life every single day.

2014-12-17_00012014-12-17_00022014-12-17_0003Hope you are able to stop during the craziness of life and just enjoy where you are right now.


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