Threads, Kicks and Frosting ~ Headbands

I love headbands but sadly, I get headaches really easily and so pretty much any kind of headband ends up coming off after a couple hours of wearing them!

I found this really cute headband that was tight enough to not fall off, but not too tight where I would get a headache! I bought it at a boutique in a town near me, and was planning on giving a little push for them in my post tonight….then I went to their website so I could link back to it, and I was really pretty disgusted with the images on the site. I have absolutely no desire to give them any props because honestly? Enough is enough already with sexualizing every stinking thing in life.

So…here are a couple of pictures of the headband that I really like, but no information on how you can get one exactly like it! ha!

threads kicks and frosting headbands headband strawberry revolution
However, I know there is a great headband company that a lot of my friends use called Strawberry Revolution. The headbands there are very similar and you won’t have to feel like you need to jump on top of your computer to cover the screen if your boys happen to walk into the room!

Anyone know of any other good places for headbands?


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