Threads, Kicks and Frosting ~ Picking outfits for family pictures

I love picking out outfits for myself and the boys…Adam too. But he’s not usually that thrilled about it. He’s happy in one of his million soccer zip up jackets, his tried and true jeans and his sneakers.

I have people ask me all the time what they should wear for their family pictures. I get questions like…how dressy should we be? Should we all match? What colors should we pick? What colors should we stay away from? and on and on.

I normally tell people a couple different things.

1. Pick colors that match your house colors. I know it sounds weird, but think of your pictures as art. You are going to be displaying them all over your walls. You don’t want to have your family dressed in orange and green if you are going to hang a huge canvas in your purple family room. Make sense?

2014-11-25_0014 2014-11-25_0015

2. Pick clothes that make you feel comfortable. If your kids aren’t used to wearing a collared shirt and skinny jeans, don’t pick your family photo shoot as the one day to give it a try. They are going to be uncomfortable and have a harder time posing.


3. Pick outfits that describe your family. If you are a bright and loud family, don’t be afraid to wear bright and loud colors! Be yourself! If you are a more reserved and quiet family, wear conservative clothing. Don’t try to search pinterest to find the perfect outfit if it just doesn’t make sense to your family’s style.


4. Don’t feel like you have to be too matchy matchy. I think it’s easiest to find one main piece of clothing and then pick the rest of the outfits to match that one. Instead of trying to match everything, just find colors that compliment each other.


5. Accessorize! Jewelry, headbands and scarves are easy ways to add pops of color without having to go and buy an entire new outfit. I mean…unless you’re looking for an excuse. Then go for it!


6. Don’t forget the little details. An adorable little outfit can be thrown out the window if you forget to get casual shoes for your son and he throws on his teenage mutant ninja turtle sneakers on his way out the door! Don’t forget the color of undershirts and socks!



7. Most important: Don’t ever let yourself get so stressed over picking outfits that you don’t enjoy your shoot. Relax and realize that even if the outfits are a hot mess? You can always make it black and white! ha! But seriously. You are allowing a photographer to capture your family acting like a family. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing. No shoot is going to go well if you are all snapping at each other before you get there!

2014-11-25_0003 2014-11-25_0004 2014-11-25_0009 2014-11-25_0008 2014-11-25_0007 2014-11-25_0006 2014-11-25_0013

2014-11-25_0012 2014-11-25_0002 2014-11-25_0001

If it’s still all just too much for you to handle, don’t worry. Starting next year, Rachelle Chase Photography will be offering a stylist for your shoot! You will have help picking everyone’s outfits and even get to pick from clothes, shoes and accessories that I will have in my studio!

Thanks to Maddy for taking my family’s pictures today!


3 thoughts on “Threads, Kicks and Frosting ~ Picking outfits for family pictures

  1. Seriously??? My favorite post ever:) loved looking through all your family photos!! Your outfits completely rocked each session! Unreal. And totally that stylist idea is a great idea;) love all of these pictures and tips!!


  2. Love it! my kids are getting older so I will be starting to go with complimenting colors rather than them all matching:) I treasure my photos keep those tips coming.


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